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Blood pressure news


Thank you for taking part in Know Your Numbers! Week 2021
13 October 2021

We made this the year of home monitoring to take on the forgotten pandemic

Learn online, with Issues & Answers Live
12 October 2021

Primary Care launch their new online learning platform and conference series for health professionals

High street pharmacies to roll out free blood pressure checks
11 October 2021

Pharmacies across England will offer free checks to over 40s thanks to a deal with the NHS

Berries, bacteria and blood pressure – what’s the link?
10 October 2021

Berries, red wine, apples and pears could help lower blood pressure and the effects depend on your gut bacteria, according to new research

‘Quadpills’ for high blood pressure more effective than one medicine alone
10 October 2021

Combination pills could be a “new paradigm” for treating high blood pressure around the world

WHF publish new roadmap for hypertension
10 October 2021

The WHF have created a new infographic for patients and roadmap for professionals, providing practical advice for tackling high blood pressure

Potassium-based salt substitute lowers the risk of strokes and heart attacks
10 October 2021

Major new study shows swapping regular salt for a potassium-based salt substitute lowers the risk of strokes and heart attacks

Share The Pressure
10 October 2021

A new pilot project shows that online training and an updated Heart Age tool can help health professionals and patients share decision-making to lower blood pressure. 

WHO releases new blood pressure guidelines as number untreated reaches 720million
10 October 2021

The WHO have updated their treatment guidelines for the first time in 20 years as the number with high blood pressure worldwide doubles

We urge all adults to check their blood pressure as routine and in tandem, reduce their salt intake
7 September 2021

Apathy is the Silent Killer as Nearly 40% of UK Adults Ignore Need to Check Blood Pressure Which Could Prevent 136,000 Related Cardiovascular Diseases

Au revoir to Katharine and hello to our new CEO, Phil
13 August 2021

After more than eight years, our CEO Katharine is stepping down and we are joined by our new CEO, Phil Pyatt. Hear from Katharine and Phil as they pass the torch.

Take part in Know Your Numbers! Week 2021
13 August 2021

Let’s make this the year of home monitoring, register to take part by the end of August

Try out a new Virtual Blood Pressure Coaching app
13 August 2021

A chance to take part in a pilot programme coaching you to better blood pressure control

Kickstart your health this summer
12 August 2021

PHE launch this summer’s Better Health campaign, helping you to make simple changes to reach a healthier weight

The National Food Strategy has arrived
12 August 2021

Henry Dimbleby’s independent review of the UK’s food system outlines a strategy to protect the health of our bodies and our planet

Mildly-raised blood pressure could lead to heart attacks in young and middle-aged women
12 August 2021

A study from Norway has shown that blood pressure over 130/80mmHg has a greater effect on the risk of heart attack and angina than it does in men

Issues & Answers live 2021
12 August 2021

Primary Care Issues & Answers is a unique new digital learning platform for the community of healthcare professionals who deal with millions of patients in primary care.

Blood pressure experts put salt ‘controversy’ to bed
12 August 2021

Leading researchers in salt and blood pressure refute misleading reports that aim to cast doubt on the evidence 

Join our Pressure Panel
12 August 2021

Take a seat on our patient panel to help influence blood pressure care



New data supports a lower blood pressure target
12 August 2021

Additional data for 2016’s landmark SPRINT trial shows a blood pressure target of 120mmHg rather than 140mmHg prevents more heart attacks and strokes

OUTREACH study and trial
15 July 2021

Are your blood pressure tablets working? Taking part in the OUTREACH study may help you or someone you know.

Square default logo Measure Your Blood Pressure Accurately, Control It, Live Longer! World Hypertension Day (WHD) 2021
18 June 2021

Accuracy in BP Measurement and Effective Hypertension Control Promoted on World Hypertension Day, May 17th 

Sleeves up, risk down: May Measurement Month Returns in 2021
7 April 2021

Roll your sleeves up and get your blood pressure tested as part of the world’s largest blood pressure screening campaign

Take part in new research from Imperial College London
6 April 2021

Researchers from ICL are developing a tool to help patients share feedback on medical devices they use at home so that manufacturers can improve them further. Can you take part?

CVD prevention packs are "incredibly important tools for saving lives"
5 April 2021

If you are a health professional, order your free CVD prevention pack from PHE to see the progress made and opportunities for your STP or general practice

Help save lives with the relaunched Act F.A.S.T. campaign
4 April 2021

The Act F.A.S.T. campaign returns, urging people to call 999 immediately at any sign of a stroke can you help spread the message?

Salt Awareness Week 2021 celebrates home cooking
3 April 2021

This year Action on Salt organised their 21st Salt Awareness Week celebrating home cooking and practical ways to enjoy food with less salt

The healthy-looking snacks that are sabotaging our health
2 April 2021

Corn and pulse-based snacks with a ‘health halo’ of nutritional claims are saltier than seawater

High blood pressure linked to changes in brain metabolism in mid-life
1 April 2021

New research shows that keeping blood pressure under control throughout life could help protect brain health

Pandemic could cause thousands of extra strokes and heart attacks [blog]
30 March 2021

New think tank research shows that without Government intervention the pandemic could lead to an extra 12,000 heart attacks and strokes in England in the next five years due to loss of routine medical care

Blood pressure, the menopause and HRT
8 February 2021

We caught up with GP and menopause specialist Dr Louise Newson on the changes to your hormones that happen during the menopause and how HRT could help – even if you have high blood pressure

Home monitoring combined with online support lowers blood pressure
8 February 2021

A new study from leading experts has found that home blood pressure monitoring combined with online support helps to lower blood pressure

Take part in a trial for a new high blood pressure treatment
8 February 2021

Researchers are investigating a new drug to lower blood pressure, could you take part? 

Share your healthy recipes and cooking tips from around the world
8 February 2021

Take part in our video compilation to share blood pressure-friendly recipes and healthy eating tips from your own cuisine

More flavour, less salt
8 February 2021

Get cooking the healthy way for this year’s Salt Awareness Week

Kickstart your health with Public Health England’s Better Health campaign
8 February 2021

PHE launch new resources for a healthier lifestyle after survey shows seven in 10 adults are motivated to get healthier in 2021

Warburtons crumpets fail to put health of customers first
8 February 2021

A new report reveals that Warburtons are the worst offender when it comes to salt in crumpets

Sue’s two-week meal plan and shopping list
8 February 2021

Blood Pressure UK supporter (and our CEO’s Mum) Sue Jenner shares her meal-planning tips and shopping list for healthy eating for less in lockdown

Season with Sense – a campaign for lower salt and better health
8 February 2021

LoSalt have launched a new public awareness campaign for greater knowledge and understanding around salt and health

"That was the hardest thing I’ve ever done"
7 January 2021

Steve completes his ten-Marathon walk for Blood Pressure UK after losing his sight to high blood pressure 

Covid-19 advice for people with high blood pressure
6 January 2021

Coronavirus (COVID-19) advice for people with high blood pressure, including those taking blood pressure medicines 

20 Years of Blood Pressure UK
6 January 2021

A message from our Chairman, Professor Graham MacGregor CBE, in celebration of our 20th anniversary 

I hope someone will think, ‘if he can do it, I can do it’
15 December 2020

Steve Rebus lost his sight at the age of just 24 due to high blood pressure, now he’s walking 250 miles during advent to raise money and awareness for Blood Pressure UK


Know Your Numbers! Week goes online for 2020
20 October 2020

This year’s Know Your Numbers! Week was a little different to usual, and we got the nation checking their blood pressure at home

Alcohol raises blood pressure in people with Type 2 Diabetes
19 October 2020

New research shows that even drinking moderate amounts of alcohol is associated with high blood pressure in people with Type 2 Diabetes 

Celebrate World Hypertension Day on October 17th
15 October 2020

Join us in promoting better blood pressure control for a long and healthy life

Does this animation help you understand your medicines?
14 October 2020

Take part in a simple study from the Glasgow School of Art and Glasgow University to test out an imaginative new blood pressure animation

Focussing on the future
9 October 2020

The results of our member’s survey are in, and we’re incredibly grateful for your ideas and insights

Public Health England finally set new salt reduction targets
9 October 2020

PHE have announced new salt reduction targets for food manufacturers across a range of products, but are they enough to lower our salt intakes?

COVID-19 and high blood pressure
30 September 2020

What does coronavirus mean for people with high blood pressure? Our Hypertension Nurse Specialist, Nirmala, answers your questions 

The future of salt reduction and lowering population blood pressure
30 September 2020

UK's leading salt reduction policy in jeopardy following closure of Public Health England, which could result in a potential rise in population blood pressure 

We call for home blood pressure monitors on prescription for Know Your Numbers! Week 2020
30 September 2020

Charity Calls for Home Blood Pressure Monitors to be Available on Prescription – a ‘Game Changer’ to Take the Pressure off the NHS and Save Lives

Staying healthy while staying home
7 September 2020

While our lifestyles are different to usual, now’s the time to take extra care with your health. We’ve put together these ideas to help

Register to take part in Know Your Numbers! Week 2020
14 August 2020

It’s time to register to become a Pressure Partner or Patient Ambassador for this year’s Know Your Numbers! Week, taking place from 7-13 September 2020

Book your place for Issues & Answers Live
13 August 2020

New realities – new solutions. The 2020 virtual conference, exhibition and networking event.

How can we support you more in future?
28 April 2020

Tell us in our Focus on the Future survey

Test out a new blood pressure app from the University of Cambridge
16 April 2020

Could you test out a new android app from your own home to help improve blood pressure care?

Major new studies show huge benefits of eating less salt
12 April 2020

Two evidence reviews clearly demonstrate that a stricter salt reduction strategy would lower blood pressure and prevent heart attacks, strokes and other diseases

Would you like to test our new website?
12 April 2020

Our new website is almost ready to go live, can you help us test it out?

Announcing the all new, highly interactive conference for primary care professionals
12 April 2020

Register now for the 2020 Issues & Answers in Primary Care Today conference – CVplus: Because CVD is never alone

“It ain’t doing your health or your wallet any good”
12 April 2020

We featured on BBC 2’s Trust me I’m a doctor in a particularly salty episode

Our comment on the 2018-29 NDNS report for salt intakes in England
26 March 2020

Blood Pressure UK comments on Public Health England’s latest report on salt intakes in adults

Response to Public Health England’s Proposed Salt Targets
26 March 2020

Blood Pressure UK response to the 2023 Salt Reduction Targets 

Salt Awareness Week 2020
10 March 2020

‘Healthy’ plant based meals drowning in salt as Action on Salt calls for Government to get tough on the eating out sector

Square default logo Good sleep could help lower the risk of heart attacks and strokes
2 February 2020

New research based on data from the UK biobank suggests a role of sleep in good heart health 

Square default logo Even a little running protects you from heart disease and cancer death
2 February 2020

This winter, two new studies suggest a positive effect of running on heart health.

Square default logo Lower blood pressure targets in adults over 80 lowers risk of heart disease
2 February 2020

Research shows that intensive blood pressure lowering in adults over 80 years old lowers the risk of heart disease but raises the risk of kidney damage 

Dr Nikolai Sergeyevich Korotkov The forgotten hero of hypertension, Dr Nikolai Sergeyevich Korotkov
1 February 2020

He was a pioneer who changed the face of medicine but was almost forgotten to history. We share the story of this unsung hero, Dr Nikolai Sergeyevich Korotkov, 1874-1920

Win an Arsenal FC Home Shirt Win an Arsenal FC Home Shirt
31 January 2020

For your chance to take home your very own Arsenal Shirt, simply tell us your favourite fitness or healthy living tip by the end of March

Salt in bacon Astonishing amounts of salt in bacon exposed
31 January 2020

Campaigners say “enough is enough” as survey reveals two rashers of bacon can contain as much salt as eight packets of crisps

Salt Awareness Week 2020 Get ready for Salt Awareness Week 2020
31 January 2020

Salt Awareness Week (9-15th March 2020) is fast approaching, and now more than ever we hope to have your continued support with the campaign

Square default logo When is the best time to take your blood pressure medication?
23 October 2019

Day or night - when is the best time to take your blood pressure medication?

Square default logo Rising level of hypertension in kids
7 October 2019

Twice as many children worldwide now have high blood pressure than they did in 2000 amid global obesity crisis

Know your numbers week 2019 2 Know Your Numbers! Week 2019 takes over the airwaves
6 October 2019

We had so much support for Know Your Numbers! Week this year we almost couldn’t believe it

Square default logo Please Ask the Department of Health for Better Salt Targets NOW
6 October 2019

We have the opportunity to fight for stronger commitments from the Government when it comes to preventing unnecessary deaths and disability, and we need your help!

Square default logo Young adulthood emerges as a key time for good health in later life
5 October 2019

High blood pressure and cholesterol in your 20s and 30s are linked to heart attacks and strokes later on, according to new research

Square default logo Polypill prevents a third of heart attacks and strokes
5 October 2019

A single tablet combining medicines for high blood pressure, high cholesterol and blood clots prevented a third of heart attacks and strokes in a new study in the Middle East 

Square default logo Time for a quick power nap
5 October 2019

New research shows that one or two naps a week could do wonders for your heart health – but no more than that! 

Square default logo New survey shows the UK is still addicted to salt
4 October 2019

New survey reveals Brits are so addicted to salt, we even add it to takeaways 

Food Matters Live 2019 Discover the latest food innovations at Food Matters Live 2019
4 October 2019

See the latest in sustainable nutrition at this year’s Food Matters Live event  

Square default logo NHS England launch heart health checks in pharmacies
4 October 2019

The NHS has launched a plan for high street pharmacies to offer free blood pressure checks to customers to prevent heart disease and stroke

Square default logo Know Your Numbers! Week 2019 - Live well for longer
10 September 2019

Should YOU be Living Well for Longer? Blood Pressure UK Urges the ‘Missing Millions’ to Get Tested as Part of a Nationwide Campaign

Square default logo The Updated NICE Guidelines Don't Go Far Enough
29 August 2019

UK health experts aim to make blood pressure medicines more available, but is it enough?  

Square default logo The cost of convenience
8 August 2019

Two major new studies show that ultra-processed foods are clearly linked to dying young

Square default logo New evidence review supports salt reduction in diet guidelines
21 July 2019

A new research review finds that eating less salt is linked to lower death rates while vitamin supplements tend to have no effect 

Square default logo Heart disease and stroke deaths on the rise in younger people
21 July 2019

New figures show that while stroke and heart disease deaths are falling overall, they’re on the rise in younger people 

Graham MacGregor A year of recognition for Blood Pressure UK
18 July 2019

Chairman Professor MacGregor and Trustee Professor Caulfield are recognised in the Queen’s Birthday Honours list and supporter Feng. He becomes a Professor

Live well for longer, Know Your Numbers!
18 July 2019

This year’s Know Your Numbers! Week is all about knowing your blood pressure numbers to live a long and healthy life  

Square default logo Join us at Food Matters Live 2019
18 July 2019

See the latest healthy food and drinks innovations at this year’s showcase, and upgrade your nutrition knowledge with the new Food Matters Training

Katya Fowler The surprising truth about liquorice
18 July 2019

New video by Broadcast Journalism student exposes the little-known effect of liquorice on blood pressure 

Issues and Answers Join us at the Issues & Answers conference this November
18 July 2019

Get the latest in cardiovascular disease and diabetes care at the UK’s leading primary care conference. Attendance is free for the first 200 to register.

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