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In England alone, there are more than 5 million hypertension sufferers that remain undiagnosed. This is concerning considering, high blood pressure is responsible for more than half of all strokes and heart attacks, as highlighted in the January 2017 Health Matters report.




That’s why My Blood Pressure, your personal blood pressure companion, has developed a brand-new feature called 7-Day Home Blood Pressure Monitoring, in the hopes that it will help GPs accelerate the hypertension diagnosis process.

What is 7-day Home Blood Pressure Monitoring?

This is a short-term, methodical way of getting a more accurate picture of what your true blood pressure is. This is done by measuring it multiple times a day and tracking the results over 7 days. My Blood Pressure helps record these results and discards the first day’s readings in order to calculate an accurate average blood pressure reading. My Blood Pressure uses this information to create a report that can be emailed to your GP.

We hope 7-Day Home Blood Pressure Monitoring can provide GPs with a reliable home blood pressure reading that could be used for diagnosing a patient with hypertension in line with NICE guidance, without necessarily requiring extra GP appointments.

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