Focussing on the future

The results of our member’s survey are in, and we’re incredibly grateful for your ideas and insights



This summer, we asked you to fill out our Focus on the future survey to find out what you value most about our work and where you’d like us to focus our efforts more in future, and we were overwhelmed by the response. We went to the office one day and could barely open the door for the mountain of envelopes, not to mention the online survey results.

We’d like to say a huge thank you for taking the time to answer our questions about yourselves and the services you find useful, as well as sharing your practical suggestions for improvements. We’re using your comments to develop our strategy and we’re already putting plans into action. 

If you didn’t fill out the survey we hope you find these insights interesting, and if you have any thoughts to share, you’re very welcome to get in touch at

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Reaching those who need us

Your answers told us more about who we’re reaching, which helps us to tailor our support to meet your needs as well as showing us who we need to reach out to more.

We will continue to focus our attention on providing information and support to people from Black, Asian and other ethnic minority communities who tend to have higher risks related to blood pressure. Awareness-raising and service provision efforts are growing for these groups as COVID-19 has exposed higher health risks, both related to the virus and more broadly.

Providing support online, in print and over the phone

There is a real mix of how people living with high blood pressure prefer to receive support – some like online resources and some prefer printed materials. We make great efforts to provide both and have just updated our website for online users and continually review our printed resources. We’re also exploring further ways we can provide support in different formats. 

There was great appreciation for being able to speak to Nirmala, our Hypertension Nurse Specialist. You can reach our helpline by phone or email, at or 020 7882 6218.

Covering the topics you value

We asked about the topics you find most helpful and interesting across all of our resources.

Information on medicines is a very popular topic, with interest from eight out of ten people. Healthy living, blood pressure monitoring, news and research and our campaigns are popular too, and we weren’t surprised to see a lot of appreciation for Professor Gareth Beevers’ historical features in our Positive Pressure magazine.

We’ll be taking your lead on topics to cover in future, based on your brilliant suggestions.

Working to lower blood pressure

It was encouraging to see that all areas of our current work were considered valuable. Ensuring people with high blood pressure get the best advice and treatment available was a clear priority, and other key areas were supporting the development of treatment guidelines, finding those with undiagnosed high blood pressure and raising awareness.

You also made helpful suggestions about where we could focus further, which broadly speaking fell into three key areas: population-wide activities, supporting changes in policies, supporting individuals with further advice and support.

Working with health professionals

A number of health professionals and pharmacists with various specialties also filled out our survey. They found our resources very helpful and had a number of suggestions about how we can support them to support you. We hope to work more with a range of health professionals in future.  

Thank you!

Yes, we’ve said this already, but we really can’t thank you enough for sharing your glowing compliments, helpful insights and constructive ideas.

We’ll leave you with a few of our favourite comments:  

“Blood Pressure UK does amazing work, raising awareness and continuously speaking up for change.”

“Positive Pressure magazine is superb – 10/10. To those who make it happen – thank you.”

“Love the quality of the magazine…plus the very interesting, informative articles.”

“The history of blood Pressure series is fascinating, thank you.”

“It is good to have information about blood pressure in a simple, clear way instead of long-winded and long-worded that leaves you none the wiser."

“I have just received my first copy of Positive Pressure and am very impressed.”

“I called the Helpline back in Jan 2020 and was extremely grateful for the help I received. THANK YOU!”