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A-Z of fundraising ideas


Would you like to get involved with some fundraising but need a little inspiration? Perhaps our A-Z of ideas will help to spark your imagination.

Why limit yourself to just one idea when you can combine them? A book sale and a garden open day for example?

Once you’ve found your perfect event, get in touch and we’ll help you get organised.


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If you enjoy keeping fit, or want to get started, why not get people to sponsor you while you work on those buns of steel.



Barn dance
Get those happy feet moving and do-si-do the night away country style.

Book sale
Dig out all those old books and have a book sale at home or at work.

Bring a pound to work day
Simply ask all your colleagues to bring just one pound to work in aid of the charity, and send it on to us.

Bungee Jump
Sponsor a friend or colleague to take a jump of a lifetime, or better still, do it yourself!



Chocs away
Get sponsored to give up chocolate for a month (or longer!).

Cricket Match
Have a knockout contest with a small fee to join a team.  Include an admission fee for spectators and sell refreshments.



Darts match
Charge an entry fee, have a raffle and sell refreshments. Make it fun, with rival teams or left-handed throws only.

Dinner dance
Have a good band and good food and charge a good price.  Organise a raffle and/or an auction.



Have a rummage in the cellar, loft and garage and after your clear out, put your items on eBay.

Expert Seminar
Ask an expert or well-known personality who is prepared to donate their time to give a talk or performance.  Charge admission, have a break to sell refreshments and an auction of a signed book or autograph.



Fashion show
Arrange a fashion show and charge for entries, or ask a local retailer to put on a show in partnership with your workplace. Or even have a dress up day at work – compare haute couture around the photocopier!



Golf day
Get your club to support us for their charity golf day.

Have a work fun day and charge teams to take part in a Gladiators-style knockout league.



Halloween Ball
Host a fancy dress Halloween Ball and charge for admission and refreshments.

How many…..?
...Sweets in a jar, for example. Sell tickets for people to guess.



International dinner party
Prepare dishes from around the world and charge people to enjoy them.



Jumble sale
Everyone loves a good rummage and it's always a good fundraiser.

Just a Minute 
Host a sponsored game show with… no repeating, no hesitating and no deviating.  This could double up as a presentation training exercise at work.



Karaoke evening
Ask a local pub to host one for you and charge an entry fee.



Lunch money
Ask colleagues to bring in sandwiches for their lunch, and donate the money saved to the charity.



Take on the ultimate running challenge, or get in gear for a shorter distance.

Masked Ball
Everybody wears a mask of their choice.  Have a competition to guess who’s who.



Night in for Blood Pressure UK
Stay in for an evening with board games, films and food, and donate the money saved.



Open day
If you have a colourful garden, let all those garden lovers come and admire it – for a small entry fee.



Plant sale
Use your green fingers to help raise funds.

Promise auction
Ask your friends and colleagues to promise a skill or service – car washing, mowing the lawn, cooking a fabulous meal – and let the bidding commence.

Send a press release to all your local papers asking for sponsorship from the companies and individuals.



Quiz night
An old favourite – organise a quiz with an entry fee, after paying for the prize, donate the profits.



Ask local businesses to donate prizes.



Swear box
Either at work or at home, raise funds while you monitor your language.

Sponsored event
Swim, slim, headshave – ask your colleagues and friends to raise sponsorship money for you as you take on a daring challenge, ask them to join in too.



Tea morning
Sell cakes, teas and coffees and make an event of it.

Treasure hunt
A fun way to raise money with friends and family.



Unwanted gifts sale
We all have some hiding in the present drawer. Find them a loving home at a car boot sale or at work, get your friends involved.

University Challenge 
Collect together teams who attended the same or nearby universities and hold a quiz to see which university comes top.



Variety show:
Round up your talented friends and tread the boards, charging for admission of course.



Lead organised walks to historical spots and places of interest. Ghost walks are popular too.

Wine Tasting
Invite an ‘expert’ or local wine dealer to bring along a few cases of wine to a gathering of friends and donate some of the proceeds of his sales to the charity.



Xmas pantomime
Big or small, show your talents and sell tickets.

X-files Party
…or any other themed evening, with fundraising top of the menu of course.



Yoga afternoon or evening
Hire a teacher and host an afternoon of learning and relaxation.

Your own Lottery
Works exactly the same way as the National Lottery, only you have a better chance of winning!



Zany clothes day
Dress a little differently for work and get sponsored to do so.





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