Salt Awareness Week 2021 celebrates home cooking

This year Action on Salt organised their 21st Salt Awareness Week celebrating home cooking and practical ways to enjoy food with less salt



Every year, campaign group Action on Salt put the spotlight on salt during Salt Awareness Week, encouraging manufactures to add less to their food products, and people at home to be more aware of the salt in the foods they eat. They had great support this year from over 16 charities, including ourselves, the British Heart Foundation and Stroke Association, as well as support from public figures including Professor Sarah Jarvis MBE, helping to spread the message of less salt to their audiences.

Despite the pandemic dominating every aspect of our lives, the campaign was a huge success, achieving greater than ever public engagement online. It was a year of first’s including:

  • A webinar hosted and coordinated by MyNutriWeb. The webinar had over 1500 registrants and provided an opportunity to speak with health professionals and highlight the importance of salt reduction for prevention of premature heart attack and stroke
  • The first Policy Pod podcast, discussing why Action on Salt run the annual campaign, along with its history, importance and successes. 
  • We collaborated with Nutritank, to deliver our first Instragram Live during the week. Nutritank aims to promote the need for greater nutrition and lifestyle education in healthcare settings. The live Q&A reached nearly 1000 people, emphasising the importance of reducing salt consumption for improved public health, and that we ALL have a role to play.

The week also saw a report on the high salt content of healthy-looking pulse snacks which generated 160 pieces of coverage, including the Guardian and the times, and a discussion on This Morning.

Thank you to everyone who got involved. You can continue to support the campagin by spreading the message about less salt.