Share your healthy recipes and cooking tips from around the world

Take part in our video compilation to share blood pressure-friendly recipes and healthy eating tips from your own cuisine



People from African Caribbean and South Asian backgrounds are at higher risk of developing high blood pressure. Salt raises blood pressure, and some African Caribbean and South Asian foods can traditionally be quite high in salt.

To raise awareness and offer practical tips for lowering blood pressure, we are inviting all Blood Pressure UK members and supporters to submit a short video talking about how you prepare a family meal from around the world with less salt. Alternatively, talk us through your favourite tips for healthy eating and watching the salt.

We will display the videos on our website and social media, and we plan to include your tips in the Summer issue of our magazine, Positive Pressure.

Who can take part

We’d love to hear from you if you are from an African Caribbean or South Asian background and have found ways to adapt your cuisine to be more blood-pressure friendly. You might have adapted recipes from around the world to include less salt, or you might have healthy eating tips you’d like to share.

If English is your second language, feel free to speak in your first language to help us reach more people. Please provide an English translation.

Recording your video

We would like a short film of you explaining your healthy eating tips, or talking through a healthy recipe you like to make.

  • Start by introducing yourself, your background and the type of cuisine you like to cook, for example, Indian or Jamaican, and perhaps mention where you are, for example, at home in your kitchen.
  • Next, talk through your tips or recipe. If you’re describing a recipe, tell us the meal you have chosen and why – is it a family favourite or does it bring back a special memory? Then explain how you have adapted it to make it more healthy. For example, do you use herbs and spices instead of salt?
  • You don’t need to actually cook the recipe in the video, although you could have the ingredients or finished meal in the shot if you like.
  • Record your video in landscape (not portrait).
  • It should be about 30 seconds to one minute long.
  • Make sure you have good lighting, as this makes all the difference to the quality of your video.

Send your video to by the end of June along with:  

  • an English translation if you speak in a non-English language, so we can add subtitles to the video for more people to understand
  • a brief list of ingredients if you include a recipe.

You can send your video by WeTransfer free of charge if the file is too large to send by email. 

Thank you! 

Thank you for taking part and we look forward to seeing your videos.


If you have any other questions, contact us at