Know your Numbers! Manchester

At Kinetik Wellbeing, we’re excited to continue our partnership with Blood Pressure UK into 2024.



This year, we’ll continue to improve the My Blood Pressure tool as well as create an even bigger Know Your Numbers! supporting event — Know Your Numbers! Manchester.

In Manchester, there are around 69,000 people who are diagnosed with high blood pressure, this prevalence has led to Manchester having England’s highest premature death rate from heart disease. That’s why our aim this year is to make a significant impact on the fight against high blood pressure in Manchester.

During Know Your Numbers! Manchester, we’ll be running Pressure Stations, with the support of Blood Pressure UK, in locations across Manchester during July and August; but not only that, we’ll also be providing free blood pressure checks from our iconic green bus during Know Your Numbers! Week itself.

We’ll be sharing more details soon, and if you’re in the Manchester area we look forward to seeing you soon!