Our comment on the 2018-29 NDNS report for salt intakes in England

Blood Pressure UK comments on Public Health England’s latest report on salt intakes in adults


On 25 March Public Health England (PHE) published their National Diet and Nutrition Survey (NDNS) for salt intakes in adults (aged 19-64) in 2018-2019 in England, based on an assessment of sodium content of 24-hour urine collections.

Whilst the findings from Public Health England's latest 2018/19 survey are not surprising, they are nonetheless disappointing – with no significant change reported since 2014. This is a direct consequence of a coherent salt reduction programme not being enforced by the Government and general non-compliance by some of the food industry.

The Government has renewed its commitment to salt reduction in their Prevention Green Paper, so once the coronavirus pandemic has eased we urge them to enforce stricter and more comprehensive salt reduction targets and create a fair and level playing field across the whole sector. In the meantime and during the panic buying frenzy across many UK supermarkets, food retailers can still play an important role on an on-going basis by trying to stock shelves with healthier ranges where possible.

Salt is the leading cause of raised blood pressure which in turn is the major cause of strokes and heart disease worldwide. According to the Department of Health & Social Care, each one gram/day reduction in population salt intake, saves more than 4,000 premature deaths per year in the UK.


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