Ongoing trials to harness Neuromodulation for Effective Blood Pressure Control

The ongoing Phase II trial at Queen Mary University London, is currently actively recruiting patients who are on medication and are struggling to control their blood pressure. 





Medical Solutions, a UK-based startup, is developing a wearable gadget (AffeX), designed to offer a patient-friendly, non-invasive solution for managing high blood pressure. The new technology aims to offer a non-invasive approach to influencing the cardiovascular system through targeted electrical stimulation of the ear, aimed at restoring autonomic balance and reducing blood pressure. Currently undergoing a Phase II clinical trial at Queen Mary University London, the AffeX device, is designed to be used for 30min, daily for 14 days. The device applies a low-intensity electrical stimulation signal, targeted at sensory nerves in the outer ear, triggering an adaptive response that reduces blood pressure.

Despite the availability of antihypertensive drugs, a significant number of individuals struggle to achieve healthy blood pressure levels even with medication. Often asymptomatic, high blood pressure can go undetected, delaying diagnosis and treatment. Traditional treatments primarily rely on medication, which, while effective for many, can come with a host of side effects and require strict adherence to daily medication regiments. Many people remain undiagnosed or inadequately treated, highlighting the need for alternative approaches.

The new technology was developed to provide an alternative treatment solution that can be self-administered at home. Patients experience a gentle tingling sensation for the duration of the treatment and are encouraged to use the device whilst relaxing, for example, while watching TV. The device works by rebalancing the nervous system, specifically by enhancing the parasympathetic nervous system while moderating the sympathetic side, both implicated in hypertension development.

The approach has demonstrated safety and ease of use. AffeX Phase I trial demonstrated an effective blood pressure reduction of by up to 20 mmHg. The ongoing Phase II trial, SCRATCH-HTN, at Queen Marry University London, is currently actively recruiting patients who are on medication and are struggling to control their blood pressure.

Prof. Michael Spyer, Chair at Afferent Medical Solutions and former Chair of NHS London, commented, “Our non-invasive device-based technology is truly a game changer that will improve the health of millions of hypertensive patients.”

Afferent's AffeX device represents a pioneering step towards personalized and effective hypertension management, promising a paradigm shift in how this widespread condition is treated.

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