Try out a new Virtual Blood Pressure Coaching app

A chance to take part in a pilot programme coaching you to better blood pressure control




High blood pressure is one of the most prevalent and preventable chronic (long-term) conditions in the world. It's not a condition confined to the elderly, affecting an estimated 2.1 million under 45s in England alone according to PHE, and 4 million under 65s in UK who are not receiving treatment according to the BHF.  

The new Virtual Blood Pressure Coaching App has been designed by a team of entrepreneurs to help people with early stage hypertension (mildly raised high blood pressure) make lifestyle changes to manage and control their blood pressure. 

A 12-week pilot of the programme will start in October 2021, and you’re invited to take part for free.

The app provides:

1. information, insights and progress-tracking
2. weekly challenges for lifestyle change for high blood pressure
3. daily reminders and motivation
4. group support and activities for people with early stage high blood pressure

All of these are powered by proven behaviour change coaching techniques.

The programme takes place over 12 weeks

Over 12 weeks, the four phases below are repeated, allowing participants to identify, embed and track lifestyle habits for blood pressure management. Tasks and challenges are designed to fit around your daily schedule and take only a few minutes to complete.

Phase 1: Set yourself up for success. Understand the basics of high blood pressure, establish your baseline and confirm your commitment to yourself.

Phase 2: A new challenge is waiting for you. Focus on the small things in your life that could help you develop a more supportive lifestyle for managing high blood pressure.

Phase 3: Change in action. A short and effective coaching session, then focus on completing the small steps that matter for you. Take time to celebrate your achievements!

Phase 4: Build your support network. Change doesn't happen on an individual basis alone. Friends, family and others with high blood pressure are important supporters for success.

The pilot programme is open to adults under 55 with early stage (mildly raised) high blood pressure. 

Learn more and register your interest in the pilot programme.