Free support at your pharmacy

We take a look at the new services that are available at pharmacies


Things have been changing at your local pharmacy, including the introduction of a range of new NHS England services to support people with high blood pressure.

Take a look at the new services and make sure you are not missing out on the free health care available near you.

1. The NHS Community Pharmacy Blood Pressure Check Service

This service for people over the age of 40 identifies those who have raised numbers but have not previously been diagnosed with hypertension (high blood pressure). Pharmacists can offer information about healthy living and, if you are likely to have high blood pressure, can refer you to your general practice for ongoing care.

2. The NHS New Medicine Service

If you have any of a list of conditions, including high blood pressure, you can get extra advice from your pharmacy team when you start taking a new drug. New medication can be quite confusing so the pharmacist will offer support over several weeks to check you’re taking the drug correctly. You may be referred back to your GP if there’s a need to change the prescription.

3. Help to quit smoking, and other lifestyle support

Quitting smoking can help lower blood pressure. Community pharmacies are a great place to receive advice and support on stopping smoking. If you have a spell in hospital, the hospital can refer you to a community pharmacy to continue the stop smoking process that started in hospital. Pharmacies also offer other advice on healthy lifestyles to prevent future health problems, such as losing weight.

4. NHS Discharge Medicines Service (DMS)

The DMS aims to make sure that, after a stay in hospital, you leave understanding your new medication and how to use it. This includes a confidential discussion between you and your community pharmacist about your medication to make sure you are clear about how to take your medicines.

5. Pharmacy services in Scotland, Wales and Northern Ireland

Scotland: All patients in Scotland registered for the Medicines: Care and Review service are entitled to a medication review. This will help identify any potential care issues and see if you are suitable for a serial prescription.

Northern Ireland: The Medicines Adherence Service in Northern Ireland will help to ensure that people at high risk of harm from poor adherence to their medication will receive tailored support to help them to take their medicines on time and as prescribed. Pharmacies can give advice on stopping smoking and some also offer blood pressure monitoring.

Wales: Pharmacies offer services such as smoking cessation and discharge medication reviews.

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This is just a selection of the many services provided by your local pharmacies, in addition to their core role of safely supplying medicines. Find out more.