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Real life stories let others know they’re not alone.

Perhaps you have found effective ways to lower your blood pressure numbers, recovered from an illness caused by high blood pressure, or found support where you never expected it. Real life stories let others know they’re not alone, and can help them make changes that at first seem impossible.

Real-life stories in magazines, newspapers, on the radio and TV are some of the best ways to raise awareness of high blood pressure and the problems it causes. They can also help those who are living with high blood pressure.

If you are under 35, over 55, or of African-Caribbean or South Asian descent
If this is you, we would especially love to hear from you. High blood pressure is most common in people over 55, but it’s becoming more common in younger adults too. People of African-Caribbean or South Asian descent also tend to be more likely to develop high blood pressure and the illnesses related to it.

We have a variety of members affected by high blood pressure who are willing to share their story in the media to help raise awareness. Examples of personal stories are given below.


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Share your story

We would love to hear from you. 

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I shared my story on TV – Rosemary’s story


Rosemary enjoyed every minute of her TV interview with Dr Hilary Jones when the GMTV crew joined her at home for the morning.


55-year-old man

It started by chance as this “silent menace” often does.

My wife gently chided me that my snoring was getting worse. I went to my GP who referred me to a specialist sleep clinic where my blood pressure was taken.

I was horrified to find it was 189/110. I have a private pilot’s licence and had had my annual aircrew medical only six weeks earlier and everything was fine, so this was a great shock to the system!

I was put onto medication which stabilised my blood pressure, and I started a self-help regime by joining a gym and adjusting my diet. I’ve lost over two stone in weight, my waist is five inches smaller and my biceps an inch bigger and I have the blood pressure of a much younger person! There is no complacency – I realise how lucky I was to find out the problem in time.


African-Caribbean woman

Six years after the birth of my first child, my dress size increased from a size 14 to 20. When pregnant with twins, I discovered that my family history of high blood pressure had caught up with me.

However, with the help of my GP and practice nurse, my blood pressure is now well-controlled. I can’t deny that I’ve found lifestyle changes difficult, but I continue to try and have made sure that my children eat sensibly and get lots of exercise.


Mid-thirties man

I went to see my GP about a minor complaint, and as a matter of course my blood pressure was taken. Much to my surprise, it was above what was considered acceptable. My doctor started me on medication because it was high enough to warrant immediate action.

My blood pressure dropped, but unfortunately I also became depressed, impotent and lacking in energy. I returned to my doctor, who changed my medication and sent me to a blood pressure clinic. There I was given lifestyle advice, which included salt reduction, and with these changes and medication my blood pressure is now stable.

Life is now back to normal and I feel fit and healthy.



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