Does this animation help you understand your medicines?

Take part in a simple study from the Glasgow School of Art and Glasgow University to test out an imaginative new blood pressure animation



A Masters student in Glasgow has created an animation to explain how high blood pressure affects the body and why it’s so important to take your blood pressure medicines as prescribed. The effectiveness of the animation is now being tested out with a short and simple survey.

The animation was created by Angela Douglass, Masters student in the Medical Visualisation and Anatomy course which runs at Glasgow University in collaboration with the Glasgow School of Art. It is part of a study exploring how well people stick to their blood pressure medicines (known as patient compliance). Patient compliance is a huge barrier to getting blood pressure under control and preventing diseases such as heart attacks and strokes.

The aim of the study is to provide digital tools to help people understand the physiology of their condition (what’s going on in the body) and why it’s so important to take their medication every day, in order to improve compliance.

The study consists of:

  • a short questionnaire about your medicines
  • watching the animation
  • a few further questions to see how useful you found the animation
  • a follow up questionnaire in a few weeks to see if the animation made a difference to you (optional).

If the animation is successful, the idea is to apply for further research funding in the future.

If you have been prescribed blood pressure medicines, would you be willing to complete the short questionnaire and watch the 3-minute animation?

We would greatly appreciate you taking part, as the study aims to give people an easy way to understand their medicines and help them stick to them, to prevent heart attacks and strokes in the future.

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