Would you like to test our new website?

Our new website is almost ready to go live, can you help us test it out?


* We are no longer looking for testers

After a thorough review of every word on our website, and a very exciting design process, we’re happy to let you know that our shiny new website will be up and running this summer. We need some more volunteers to take it for a test drive and check that it’s easy to use and find your way around.

What’s involved?

We will ask our volunteer testers to dedicate a few hours of their time to:

  • check that information is displayed clearly
  • check that pages flow well and are easy to read
  • go in search of certain topics to check that content is easy to find
  • see if you can find where to go for more information on a given topic
  • feed back what you found, and anything else you noticed. 

This is likely to be in June.

Would you like to help?

Thank you very much to all those who have already volunteered. If you haven’t yet, but would like to, email us at or call 020 7882 6255 and we’ll be in touch with more information.

Your feedback will be very helpful to us and to our millions of website users.