Optimise BP

Optimise BP is an APP for automating the management of high blood pressure.



Nearly 12% of all primary care consultations in England in March 2017 were for hypertension according to the National Institute for Health Research. 

For those with a hypertension diagnosis, nearly a third are not being treated according to a clinically appropriate blood pressure target, resulting in significant risk according to NHS England. 4 million people are undiagnosed. Risks include strokes, heart attacks or death.

Optimise BP automates the management and screening of hypertension for GP practices.

The Optimise BP app guides patients through their hypertension treatment plan, following the parameters set by the clinician. The app reminds them when to take their blood pressure, asks about side effects, and reminds them about blood tests when needed. When safe to do so, Optimise BP asks the patient to increase their treatment, as initially directed by the clinician, until blood pressure is below the individualised treatment target.

The aim is to save time by automating what a clinician would usually do – and to improve care by ensuring that national guidelines are followed.

Our audits estimate a 44% time saving for GP practices from their hypertension workload.

Optimise BP also helps practices screen their populations who have not had their BPs checked to identify people with hidden hypertension. It speeds up the process of recording the new BPs into the GP record, automatically coded - saving time and improving care.

One GP, who is a Director of the company that developed Optimise BP, has been using it in his practice for the last few years and reports: 

Our audit has suggested that the Optimise BP app could lead to a 44% reduction in time required to manage patients’ blood pressure in our practice.  Our patients appreciate its easy-to-use design. Optimise BP has also streamlined patient enrolment and efficient recording of blood pressure data directly into clinical records. It helps us identify people with hypertension and improve our Quality Outcomes Framework scores.

A 74-year-old patient who is using the app in a different practice reports:  

Using Optimise BP has improved my awareness of my blood pressure and encouraged me to take a more active role in my own care. It enabled more regular and comprehensive follow-up than my routine GP care. It highlighted poor control that I was able to feedback to my clinician and I am now on a journey to improving my hypertension.

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(Please note this is an external editorial not written by Blood Pressure UK)