CVD prevention packs are "incredibly important tools for saving lives"

If you are a health professional, order your free CVD prevention pack from PHE to see the progress made and opportunities for your STP or general practice



Public Health England (PHE) are providing free cardiovascular disease (CVD) prevention packs for health professionals aimed at meeting the 10-year ambitions set out in the Government’s CVD prevention programme, published in February 2019. The packs contain useful information about high blood pressure and atrial fibrillation, presenting local data in relation to the 10-year ambitions so that you can see progress made and opportunities for your area.

The packs include information on:

  • behavioural risk factors
  • inequalities
  • NHS health check uptake
  • detection and treatment
  • CV events avoided and costs saved.

Importantly, the packs contain detailed local breakdowns of the data allowing you to look at how inequalities affect people in your area, rather than simply looking at averages which can mask the lives lost. The data is presented at STP (sustainability and transformation partnership) , CCG (clinical commissioning group) and practice level.

These are the fourth update of the packs and include additional information on risk factors for CVD. 


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Order your CVD prevention pack and find a guidance document explaining more about the packs.

The packs are being very well received and recommended by friends of Blood Pressure UK:

When it comes to saving lives, these PHE prevention packs are incredibly important tools.” Dr Shahed Ahmad, National Clinical Director for Cardiovascular Disease Prevention at NHS England and NHS Improvement.

Our biggest risk now is people not being reviewed and receiving the treatment they need and deserve. Fortunately, the PHE CVD prevention packs are really helpful in guiding us towards which practices need the most support to detect and treat.” Anon

"Using our CVD pack to stimulate conversations about PHM and priorities to work on at place level. We are a Borough with very wide inequalities – richest and poorest – so the average outcomes at CCG level hide lives lost. For me it’s about doing some basics well, getting beyond the averages." Anon

“It [the pack] will help us understand where we are at CCG/STP level and areas to focus moving forward.” Anon


Order your CVD prevention pack