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Know Your Numbers! resources

We provide resource packs to help your Pressure Station run smoothly.


Our resource packs contain useful health information to those getting their blood pressure checked.

You can order resources for Know Your Numbers! Week in September or throughout the year for a small fee. 

How to order your resources

For Know Your Numbers! Week

If you are holding your Pressure Station during Know Your Numbers! Week in September, you will be asked to order you resource packs when you register. Your packs will arrive one to two weeks before the event and we will send you an invoice afterwards.

Throughout the year

If you would like to host a pressure testing event at another time of year, call us on 020 7882 6255, email, or visit our shop to order your resources. Delivery will take up to seven to ten working days.

Resource pack prices

50 pack – materials to test up to 50 people = £21.00
100 pack – materials to test up to 100 people = £36
200 pack – materials to test up to 200 people = £54
400 pack – materials to test up to 400 people = £90
600 pack – materials to test up to 600 people = £126
800 pack – materials to test up to 800 people = £162

The costs are the same whether you order packs throughout the year or for Know Your Numbers! Week in September. See our FAQs to help you decide how many to order. 

We are a not for profit organisation and the small fee for resources covers our printing and postage costs. We keep them as low as possible.

All prices include VAT.

Please note we are only able to send resources within the UK. 



Know Your Numbers! Resources

Our resource packs typically include the following materials.


Information leaflet

This leaflet is produced by experts in high blood pressure and designed to give to everyone tested at your Pressure Station. It explains what high blood pressure is, what the numbers mean and how people can lower their blood pressure.




Record card

Record cards

Credit card sized cards to give people a record of their blood pressure readings that can easily be stored in a wallet or a purse.




GP Referral letter
Letter for people with a reading of above 179/109mmHg that patients can give to their doctors.



Testing guidelines

Testing guidelines

A quick reference guide for health professionals giving blood pressure tests. Many health professionals use this great resource all year-round.






Pressure Station or blood pressure checks poster

A2, A3 and A4 sized posters which allow you to write the dates, times and location of your event. We have different versions depending on whether your event will be part of Know Your Numbers! Week or at another time of year.







Top tips for a healthier blood pressure poster

This A3 poster will help raise awareness of high blood pressure and why it’s a problem, with five key lifestyle changes to help lower it. 





Our fun balloons will make your Pressure Station stand out to passersby.




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