The surprising truth about liquorice

New video by Broadcast Journalism student exposes the little-known effect of liquorice on blood pressure 

Katya Fowler

Liquorice tea might appear to be a healthy alternative to tea and coffee, but it can cause an unexpected effect: It can send your blood pressure sky high. 

Katya Fowler, Broadcast journalism student at the University of Leeds, has made a video exploring this little-known danger for her final year dissertation.  In it, our Chairman Professor Graham MacGregor, CBE explains the effect of liquorice tea, and yoga teacher and Blood Pressure UK supporter, Nikki Chapman, describes how she discovered by chance that it was putting her health in serious danger. 

Liquorice teas often carry a warning for people with high blood pressure, but don’t explain that it can cause high blood pressure. Everyone needs to be careful of how much liquorice they eat and drink, not just people already with high blood pressure. 

Watch Katya’s video on Youtube.