OUTREACH study and trial

Are your blood pressure tablets working? Taking part in the OUTREACH study may help you or someone you know.



OUTREACH is a clinical trial looking at a review of prescribed medications, along with analysis of a urine sample, to see how they can help patients with high blood pressure to improve their blood pressure control. 

This study is funded by the British Heart Foundation and sponsored by The University of Manchester.

OUTREACH will look at whether providing patients with information on the results of their urine analysis and targetting the reason for not taking medicines as prescribed (non-adherance) will lead to better blood pressure control, adherance to medicines and lower healthcare costs.

The study will fill in an important gap in knowledge on managing high blood pressure in people who are not taking their medicines as prescribed. It will also inform the development of a cost-effective model for managing other long term conditions. 

Why take part?

This clinical trial may help you to make the most of your medicines, and enable you to better control your blood pressure without having to take more medications. This could mean that you need to have fewer tests and hospital appointments for your blood pressure in the future. 

Who can take part?

  • Do you think you may have too many tablets for your high blood pressure?
  • Do you struggle taking all your blood pressure lowering medication on a regular basis?
  • Are you unsure that your medication is needed or working to control your high blood pressure?

If these apply to you and you are taking two or more medicines for high blood pressure, you are invited to take part.

What's involved?

If you take part, you will need to visit a hospital up to 5 times over 6 months and monitor your blood pressure at home. You will be reimbursed for parking and refreshments. No blood sampling is necessary.

How to take part

For more information please contact your nearest participating hospital or email:

Please also visit: