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Square default logo Exercise effective at cutting high blood pressure
19 December 2018

The first major review to compare blood pressure medicines with a change in lifestyle shows promising results – we speak to the authors

Square default logo London researchers discover 535 new blood pressure gene regions
15 December 2018

The discovery brings the total number of gene regions known to affect blood pressure to over 1,000, guiding scientists towards more personalised treatments



Square default logo Potassium-based Salt Replacers
27 November 2018

We join UK charities to support the use of potassium-based sodium replacers for lowering salt intake and blood pressure 


Square default logo High blood pressure could be linked to Alzheimer’s disease
15 October 2018

A new study looking at brain tissue is another piece of the puzzle about how high blood pressure might affect the brain


Square default logo Our leaflets have a new look
14 October 2018

We’ve redesigned our blood pressure leaflets with thanks to the Big Lottery Fund

Square default logo Know Your Numbers! Week goes in search of those who don’t know their blood pressure numbers
14 October 2018

Our recent survey found that two thirds of Brits are missing out on one of the simplest ways to prevent heart attacks and strokes, and we set out to change that


Square default logo Smoking can cause atrial fibrillation
14 October 2018

Researchers find smoking causes a type of irregular heart beat which is known to lead to stroke, especially when combined with high blood pressure


Square default logo Take on the London Marathon 2019
14 October 2018

We have charity places available for 2019’s London Marathon, so this could be your chance to “feel like a hero” like our runner, JP



Square default logo “Remarkable” long-term effects of blood pressure medicines
11 October 2018

Important new study results show that medicines to lower blood pressure and cholesterol help prevent stroke deaths in people with high blood pressure – even ten years after the study ended


Square default logo Know Your Numbers! Week 2018
11 September 2018



Square default logo 3-in-1 pill
21 August 2018

New 3-in-1 pill shows promise for high blood pressure

Square default logo Be a part of Know Your Numbers! Week 2018
26 July 2018

We’re on a mission to beat high blood pressure, and we need your help. Get involved with this year’s Know Your Numbers! Week from 10-16 September



Square default logo See the innovations in the food industry at Food Matters Live 2018
26 July 2018

We are delighted to be supporting Food Matters Live 2018 at London’s ExCeL this November. Register your place at the event for free 


Square default logo NICE guidelines helping to prevent heart attacks and strokes
26 July 2018

UK health experts demonstrate how their guidelines on cardiovascular disease help to prevent illness, and call for greater uptake


Square default logo Global campaigners take on salt in Malaysia and China
26 July 2018

Global health experts take on high salt diets and high blood pressure in countries where it’s needed the most


Square default logo Home monitoring helps to control blood pressure
26 July 2018

New evidence supporting home blood pressure monitoring could make it a key part of blood pressure management 


Square default logo The salads that are saltier than pizza
26 July 2018

New survey finds ready-made salads are so salty they put our health at risk



Square default logo Active 10 app helps adults get active
13 June 2018

Active 10 app helps adults get active this summer, starting with just 10 minutes of brisk walking

Square default logo Reduction in salt intake DOES lower blood pressure and disease risk
1 May 2018

Eating less salt DOES lower blood pressure and the risk of heart disease and stroke, according to a new review which challenges paradoxical studies


Square default logo Major new study supports 24-hour home blood pressure monitoring
19 April 2018

Changing the way blood pressure is measured will save lives, according to scientists from University College London

Square default logo Salt raises your blood pressure, even if you eat a healthy diet
9 April 2018

New research supports eating less salt as the most important thing you can do to lower your blood pressure

Square default logo "It’s no good quitting now" – campaigners call for renewed efforts on salt reduction
9 April 2018

Action on Salt urged the Government and food industry to step up their efforts to add less salt to our food during Salt Awareness Week


Square default logo Looking after your personal information
3 April 2018

We’ve updated our data protection and privacy policies ready for the new data protection laws that come into force in May



Square default logo PHE supports vaping while new research shows just one cigarette a day is harmful
2 April 2018

Public Health England have released a new report showing e-cigarettes reduce harm to smokers, meanwhile new research shows even one cigarette a day causes heart disease and stroke



Square default logo AIM HY INFORM – a new trial aiming for personalised blood pressure medicine
2 April 2018

Researchers begin a new study looking for the best blood pressure treatment for people from different ethnic backgrounds


Square default logo Register your interest for Know Your Numbers! Week 2018
2 April 2018

It’s time to register to host a Pressure Station for this year’s Know Your Numbers! Week, taking place from 10-16 September 2018


Square default logo “Britain needs to go on a diet”
2 April 2018

Public Health England announce plans to cut the nation's calorie intake as new evidence shows we eat 300 extra calories every day


Square default logo Take part in May Measurement Month 2018
15 March 2018

We are supporting May Measurement Month, a worldwide screening programme raising awareness of high blood pressure, and you could be a part of it 


Square default logo Chinese meals “should carry a health warning”
14 March 2018

Experts call for health warnings on Chinese ready meals and takeaways after finding they can contain more salt than five Big Macs


Square default logo NICE to consider a lower threshold for diagnosing high blood pressure
12 March 2018

After the US lowered the cut-off for diagnosing and treating high blood pressure from 140 to 130mmHg systolic, the UK could be set to follow suit


Square default logo A healthy diet can offset genetic risk for obesity
31 January 2018

Researchers find that people who are genetically predisposed to weight gain could benefit the most from a healthy diet


Square default logo The US lower their target blood pressure
29 January 2018

New US guidelines lower the cut-off point for diagnosing high blood pressure to 130/80mmHg


Square default logo Get ready for Salt Awareness Week
29 January 2018

Help to lower the nation’s blood pressure, spread the word about salt and set up an awareness-raising event


Square default logo Americans exposed to saltier bread than brits
29 January 2018

New paper shows the US still has work to do in reducing the amount of salt in bread products


Square default logo Anticoagulants prevent stroke in atrial fibrillation patients
29 January 2018

A major review confirms that direct-acting oral anticoagulants (DOACs) are better than warfarin at preventing stroke in people with atrial fibrillation


Square default logo Blood pressure action plan update
9 January 2018

Blood pressure experts update their action plan to tackle high blood pressure