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Square default logo Government plans to tackle childhood obesity fall flat
6 October 2016

The Government’s new plan to reduce childhood obesity is disappointingly thin.

Square default logo Know Your Numbers! Week reaches out to risk-takers
6 October 2016

With a theme of Know Your Numbers, Know Your Risks, thousands of health professionals armed themselves with blood pressure monitors to test the nation’s blood pressure for our annual awareness-raising event.

Square default logo High blood pressure linked to vascular dementia
6 October 2016

A large UK study has found that people with high blood pressure are more likely to develop vascular dementia

Square default logo PHE Takes Action to Prevent CVD
29 September 2016

Launch of ‘Action on cardiovascular disease'

Square default logo Find out your heart age for World Heart Day
29 September 2016

29 September is World Heart Day, so what better time to check the health of your heart?

Square default logo Know Your Numbers! Week 2016
12 September 2016

Checking Your Blood Pressure Could Prevent 45,000 Heart Attacks or Strokes, Saving £850million, Says Charity Blood Pressure UK


Square default logo Salty Dips
4 August 2016

New Survey Exposes ‘Healthy’ Dips As Being Salt Traps

Square default logo Don’t be a risk-taker, Know Your Numbers!
25 July 2016

Are you a risk taker? You are if you don’t know your blood pressure. September 12th is the start of Know Your Numbers! Week 2016 and you can have your blood pressure checked for free at a Pressure Station near you.  


Square default logo Vitamin D
21 July 2016

New Advice To Take Vitamin D Supplements

Square default logo Derbyshire mother takes on the 3 Cities Challenge for Blood Pressure UK
19 July 2016

This June, Julie from Derbyshire took part in a cycling challenge to raise money for Blood Pressure UK. We spoke to Julie back in May to find out why Blood Pressure UK is so important to her. Now, we catch up to find out how she and her two close friends got on. 


Square default logo Are Nine out of Ten Strokes Preventable?
18 July 2016

A New Study Has Found That The Top 10 Risk Factors For Stroke Are Preventable.

Square default logo More evidence in favour of Omega-3s for a healthy heart
12 July 2016

New research links blood levels of Omega-3 fatty acids from seafood and plant-based foods with a lower risk of dying from a heart attack.


Square default logo Media coverage of statins controversy linked to a temporary drop in their use
12 July 2016

Researched published in the BMJ (British Medical Journal) in June reveals a temporary drop in statin use following a period of controversy over their risks and benefits. 


Square default logo Response to controversial Lancet paper arguing against salt reduction programmes
12 July 2016

A study published in science journal, The Lancet, this May argues against lowering salt intake to recommended levels in the general population, but there are a number of important flaws in the research. 


Square default logo Eating a little less salt can lower blood pressure in people with type 2 diabetes - new research
12 July 2016

New research finds that people in the early stages of type 2 diabetes can lower their blood pressure with just a small reduction in their salt intake, lowering their risk of stroke, heart disease and kidney disease. 


Square default logo New survey reveals instant noodles that are saltier than 12 packets of crisps
12 July 2016

A quick snack of instant noodles can contain up to 5.8g of salt, that’s even more than 12 packets of crisps, according to a new survey released this May. But you can look after your blood pressure by choosing supermarkets’ own label noodles, which can contain up to 10 times less salt. 


Square default logo Improve public health and host a ‘Pressure Station during Know Your Numbers! Week 2016
17 June 2016

Improve public health and host a ‘Pressure Station during Know Your Numbers! Week 2016 to help people know and manage their blood pressure

Square default logo Eating Wholegrains May Improve Long Term Health
16 June 2016

A new study has found that people who eat wholegrain foods have better long-term health and longevity.


Square default logo Three Cities Cycle Challenge
23 May 2016


Square default logo Should mini strokes be treated with aspirin?
19 May 2016

Researchers recommend that mini strokes should be treated immediately with aspirin

Square default logo MP's have blood pressure measured
26 January 2016

MP’s have blood pressure measured to highlight the importance of a healthy blood pressure to reduce the risk of cardiovascular disease (CVD), strokes and heart attacks