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Square default logo SACN COT potassium-based sodium replacers
22 November 2017

The Scientific Advisory Committee on Nutrition (SACN) and Committee on Toxicity (COT) FINALLY release a joint report supporting the use of potassium-based sodium replacers

Square default logo Free pharmacy health checks
20 November 2017


Square default logo BHF Blood Pressure Second Round Award Programme
19 October 2017

BHF Blood Pressure Second Round Award Programme

Square default logo Women with high blood pressure at increased risk of dementia
5 October 2017

New research has shown that women who are diagnosed with high blood pressure in their 40s are at much higher risk of dementia later in life.


Square default logo PHE releases action plan to prevent CVD
4 October 2017

Cardiovascular disease (CVD) causes over a quarter of all deaths in the UK and costs the NHS almost £9 billion each year.


Square default logo High levels of salt in shop-bought pesto
4 October 2017

New CASH Survey Reveals Shockingly High Levels of Salt in Pesto as 2017 Salt Targets Are Ignored


Square default logo Current studies on new ways to lower blood pressure
3 October 2017

Researchers are looking into new treatments for people whose numbers can’t be brought under control with medications or who would like an alternative to the current treatments


Square default logo Getting fitter during middle age could halve your risk of stroke
3 October 2017

A new study shows that getting fitter during middle age could halve your risk of stroke in later life, but as a nation we’re becoming less and less active


Square default logo Know Your Numbers! Week takes on early stroke
3 October 2017

The proportion of strokes in younger adults is on the rise and many are due to high blood pressure, so we urged the public to Know Your Numbers! regardless of your age


Square default logo Trends in resistant hypertension
3 October 2017

Researchers reveal the most up-to-date figures of the numbers living with resistant hypertension, an important risk factor for heart disease and stroke


Square default logo Highlights from the British and Irish Hypertension Society Meeting
3 October 2017

The movers and shakers of the blood pressure world presented their new research and ideas at The British and Irish Hypertension Society annual meeting

Square default logo Healthy Hearts for healthy communities
3 October 2017

A new free blood pressure checks programme is launched in west London, a brilliant way to take on heart disease and stroke within the community

Square default logo Free of gluten, full of salt
3 October 2017

New survey reveals gluten free snacks are often troublingly salty, but they don’t need to be

Square default logo Join us at Food Matters Live
23 September 2017

We’ll be representing the importance of healthier food production and marketing at this major cross-sector event – join us as we meet the innovators shaping the future of food and drink


Square default logo Know Your Numbers! Week 2017
18 September 2017

More People are Having Strokes Younger

Square default logo Know your heart age and Know Your Numbers!
4 September 2017

Make September the month you take control of your health. Find out your heart age with Public Health England’s Heart Age Test and get a blood pressure check in Know Your Numbers! Week


Square default logo New research into high blood pressure disorders in pregnancy
6 August 2017

Two important new studies examine the long-term health of women with high blood pressure disorders during pregnancy


Square default logo Smoking at lowest rate on record
6 August 2017

The ten-year anniversary of the smoking ban this July saw the lowest numbers of smokers on record in England 


Square default logo New research on why blood pressure can't always be lowered with medicines
6 August 2017

Researchers at Imperial College London find high blood pressure that appears to be resistant to medications could be uncontrolled due to not taking the medications as prescribed


Square default logo Know your heart age, use this online calculator
5 August 2017

Use this online calculator to find out if your heart age matches up with your actual age


Square default logo May Measurement Month tackles high blood pressure worldwide
5 August 2017

Campaigners around the world joined forces in one of the biggest screening programmes in history 


Square default logo New ban on advertising junk food to children
5 August 2017

New rules have come into place banning the advertising of foods and drinks that are high in fat, salt or sugar to children 


Square default logo Run the London Marathon 2018 for Blood Pressure UK
4 August 2017

This April, our Marathon runner ‘felt like a hero’ as he crossed the finished line. If you’re feeling inspired, we have spaces available for you to take part in next year’s event 


Square default logo Help to STOP Stroke by hosting a ‘Pressure Station’
27 June 2017

High blood pressure causes over half of all strokes - Know Your Numbers! Week 2017 is being held 18-24 September

Square default logo Eat more fruit and veg to STOP Stroke
18 May 2017

Eat more fruit and veg to STOP Stroke

Square default logo We launch our campaign to STOP Stroke
1 April 2017

During Salt Awareness Week in March, we officially launched our new campaign to STOP Stroke 


Square default logo What would make you take part in a clinical trial?
1 April 2017

Researchers at Lancaster University would like to know your opinion on how clinical trials should be run, and what would make you more likely to take part in one, so they can improve the experience of being on a trial


Square default logo JP’s final push for the London Marathon
31 March 2017

After months of gruelling training, the end is in sight - JP enters the last leg of his London Marathon preparations


Square default logo 107 new genes linked to blood pressure
31 March 2017

Scientists have found 107 new genes which are linked to blood pressure, paving the way for more personalised prevention of heart disease and stroke 

Square default logo Take part in May Measurement Month
28 March 2017

Help us take one million blood pressures during May Measurement Month


Square default logo Salt Awareness Week
23 March 2017

Public health campaign group call for the food industry to step up and lower the nation’s salt intake


Square default logo Foodswitch - an app to help you make healthier choices
23 March 2017

FoodSwitch is a free smartphone app that enables people in the UK to make healthier and smarter food and drink choices. It’s now been updated with a SaltSwitch filter, new design and nutrition information given per portion – helping to put you in control to put whilst you’re out shopping.


Square default logo What does the UK know about stroke and how to prevent it?
23 March 2017

We wanted a better insight into people’s understanding of stroke and its causes before the launch of our campaign so at the end of February we asked a series of questions in a survey of almost 2000 adults in the UK.

Square default logo Pharmacies help with high blood pressure
27 February 2017

Community pharmacies team up to tackle high blood pressure

Square default logo 10-a-day
23 February 2017

Eating 10-a-day could save your life

Square default logo New high blood pressure wonder drug
23 February 2017

A new wonder-drug to treat high blood pressure?

Square default logo The NHS gets serious about prevention
13 February 2017

As we get to work on our campaign to prevent stroke, we attended the NHS Health Checks conference for 2017 – Getting Serious About Prevention 


Square default logo Our Marathon runner clocks up the miles
7 February 2017

Our CEO’s husband, JP, is preparing to run all 26.2 miles of the London Marathon for Blood Pressure UK 


Square default logo 1 billion people worldwide now have high blood pressure
5 February 2017

While the number of people living with high blood pressure reaches 1.1 billion worldwide, the UK has the lowest rates in Europe


Square default logo Get involved with our 2017 campaign to Stop Stroke
5 February 2017

After recent research found that nine out of 10 strokes could be prevented, we’re launching our new campaign to prevent stroke. See how you can get involved at the end of this page. 


Square default logo The crumpets that are saltier than crisps and sausages
3 February 2017

A new survey reveals another food item with unnecessary levels of salt, sparking concern that the 2017 salt targets won’t be met 


Square default logo We’re redesigning our website and leaflets
3 February 2017

We’re busy behind the scenes working on a brand new website and updating our leaflets.


Square default logo New research sheds light on how to interpret home blood pressure readings
3 February 2017

A study looking at home blood pressure readings suggests that a large difference between two readings is useful for predicting future health problems 


Square default logo Get involved with Salt Awareness Week 2017
3 February 2017

From 20 to 26 March 2017, Consensus Action on Salt & Health (CASH) will run its 18th National Salt Awareness Week with the theme of Salt: The Forgotten Killer