Don’t be a risk-taker, Know Your Numbers!

Are you a risk taker? You are if you don’t know your blood pressure. September 12th is the start of Know Your Numbers! Week 2016 and you can have your blood pressure checked for free at a Pressure Station near you.  



Know Your Numbers! Week is the UK’s biggest blood pressure testing event, and this year we’re focussing on the theme of risk, as high blood pressure puts you at risk of stroke and heart disease. We’re encouraging people to go and get their blood pressure checked – either at one of our Pressure Stations during the week, via community pharmacies or your practice nurse, or by using a blood pressure monitor at home.

High blood pressure has no symptoms – so it’s time to Know Your Numbers! 

High blood pressure has no symptoms – that’s why it’s called the silent killer, so the only way to know your numbers is to have a blood pressure check. We’re asking people not to take unnecessary risks: now’s the time to Know Your Numbers!, Know Your Risks! 

Help us to prevent stroke and heart disease 

Ask your friends, family and colleagues to go along to a Pressure Station and get their blood pressure checked - we have events up and down the country. With your help we can lower the nation’s blood pressure.

From mid-August you will be able to find a blood pressure check near you. Pop along to a local Pressure Station to have your blood pressure tested and get advice about how to keep healthy, for free.

A blood pressure check is quick, painless and it could save your life.

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