Find out your heart age for World Heart Day

29 September is World Heart Day, so what better time to check the health of your heart?


World Heart Day is the world’s biggest platform for raising awareness and funds for heart disease. Heart Research UK are encouraging people of all ages to find out what they can do to love their hearts, and events are taking place around the country to raise awareness and raise funds. 

To celebrate, the NHS, Public Health England and the British Heart Foundation have updated their online calculator that that takes a look at the health of your heart and estimates your heart age.

To find out how your heart age compares to your actual age, simply enter a few details about yourself, such as your age, height, weight, blood pressure and cholesterol. The new version, launched today, allows you to change aspects of your lifestyle, for example stopping smoking, to see how this lowers your heart age. Plus, get information about how to look after your heart that’s tailored to you.

 Check your heart age