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Getting information and support


If you’ve just been diagnosed, or you’re living with high blood pressure, we’re here to help.

Here you can see the information and support we have available, and other organisations who can help.


Read real stories
Read the stories of people who have been where you are now. Danny, Steve, Christian and David have all had a diagnosis of high blood pressure and have found that simple medications and lifestyle changes haven’t been a problem. 


Get information on high blood pressure (hypertension)
Find out about what high blood pressure (hypertension) is, what causes it, and how it can affect your body. 


See how to get your blood pressure under control
See what you can do to take control of your blood pressure and your health, and the medications available.

Download / order our booklets 
We have a range of booklets all about high blood pressure and how to lower it available to download for free, or to order.


Talk to our healthcare team 
If you have any questions about your blood pressure, your treatment or what you can do for yourself, get in touch to speak a specialist nurse. We’re here whether you’re asking for yourself or for someone you care about.  Reach us by phone on 020 7882 6218, by email at 


Become a Blood Pressure UK member 
Become a Blood Pressure UK member to receive copies of our magazine, Positive Pressure, our email newsletter and information sheets and booklets. Membership costs just £2 a month and supports our life-saving work.


Information in other languages
We have translated our blood pressure information into the 32 most commonly-spoken languages in the UK. Plus, Love your heart: A South Asian guide to controlling your blood pressure, is now available in five South Asian languages.



Other organisations who can help

Find more information and support to help you look after your blood pressure, your heart and your wellbeing. 


Alzheimer's Society

Information and support for people affected by vascular dementia, Alzheimer’s disease and other types of dementia, includes a helpline and an online community. 


Action on Pre-Eclampsia
Support for families affected by pre-eclampsia.

British Heart Foundation
Information on heart conditions, how to prevent them and how they’re treated. Includes information on getting active and healthy eating, with heart healthy recipes.  


Action on Salt

Information on how to eat less salt, the foods salt is hidden in, and how salt can affect your health.  


Dementia UK
Information and support for people with different types of dementia, includes a helpline and an Admiral Nurse service which provides one-to-one support for families.


Diabetes UK 
Information on the different types of diabetes, knowing your risk of type 2 diabetes, and healthy eating ideas for preventing and managing it. Includes a helpline and online forum.


Electronic Medicines Compendium
Information on medicines licenced for use in the UK. 


Heart UK – The cholesterol charity
Information about cholesterol and how to lower it, including a heart healthy diet. 


Kidney Care UK  
Information and support for people living with kidney disease, including a counselling service, online community and financial support.


NHS Choices
Information on health problems and the treatments available, including healthy living and a healthy diet, and the health problems caused by high blood pressure. Also includes a range of health checks, including the Heart Age Test. 


NHS 24 and NHS Inform
NHS services and health information for people in Scotland. 

NHS 111 Wales
NHS services and health information for people in Wales.  


OK Rehab 
OK Rehab specialises in addiction treatment. This treatment is available via both inpatient and outpatient treatment providers. They also work with clinics that are able to facilitate treatment taking place in your own home, who are able to provide professional intervention and home detoxification.


One You 
Help and ideas for healthy living, including stopping smoking, healthy eating, getting active, getting enough sleep, drinking less alcohol and dealing with stress. Includes links to services that can help.  




Patients Advice and Liaison Service (PALS)

Confidential advice, support and information for NHS patients, their family and carers. They can answer questions about healthcare and NHS services, resolve problems when you’re using the NHS, help you get more involved in your own healthcare, and provide information on support groups. 


Support with quitting smoking, including a free and confidential helpline, plans to help you quit and information about products.


Sexual Advice Association 
Information about sexual problems, talking about sex and the treatments available.


NHS support to help you quit smoking, with different types of support including face to face, online and by phone, and information about products. 


Stroke Association
Information and support for people affected by stroke, includes information on how to spot the signs of a stroke and living with stroke, finding support, as well as a confidential helpline and online forum.




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