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Where can you get a blood pressure check?


It’s easy to arrange a blood pressure check. You can simply make an appointment with your GP, practice nurse or at your local pharmacy.


There are lots of other places you can have them too. In most cases the checks should be free, so it is worth looking around.

  • Your doctor's surgery. Your GP or practice nurse can check your blood pressure. There might even be a machine in the waiting room you can use to measure your own blood pressure.
  • Your local pharmacy. Some pharmacies offer blood pressure checks, and your pharmacist will also be able to point you in the direction of support and advice if you need it. They might also offer other health checks.
  • Some workplaces. If your workplace has an occupational health department they might offer blood pressure checks. Ask your HR department or your employer what’s available.
  • Some gyms and health clubs. Your gym, health club or leisure centre might offer blood pressure tests when you first join or start a new programme, or as part of a fitness assessment.
  • Know Your Numbers! Week Pressure Stations. These are temporary blood pressure-testing stations that pop up every September for our annual awareness-raising campaign. You’ll find them in various locations including workplaces, health centres and shopping centres – find out more about Know Your Numbers! week.
  • NHS Health Checks. These may be available if you’re 40-74 years old. They include other checks too, such as your blood cholesterol and if you’re a healthy weight, to give you an idea of your overall health. If you don’t get an invitation letter from your local surgery, you can call to arrange an appointment.
  • Local community and health events. Local health teams set up free health checks from time to time, sometimes in a mobile unit or van. You might pass one by chance in any number of places: a library, shopping centre, hospital, university, place of worship, day centre, local council office or well-being fair, to name a few.
  • Well man clinics. Specifically for men, these include a blood pressure test as part of an overall health check. They might be available in your GP surgery or hospital, or you can pay for one privately.

If you have your blood pressure tested somewhere other than your doctor’s surgery or hospital and your blood pressure reading is high, make an appointment with your GP. One high reading doesn’t necessarily mean you have high blood pressure. Your GP will be able to find out more and talk to you about any treatments or lifestyle changes you might need. 

Read more about who should have a check and how often and what a blood pressure check involves.




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