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Everything has been OK – Danny’s story


When Danny was diagnosed with high blood pressure, the doctor assured him that everything would be OK, and with some simple medications and lifestyle changes, it has been.

Everything has been OK – Danny’s story


I’d had no health issues right up until my diagnosis

I was at home on Boxing Day 2014 when I started to feel a bit funny. My eye sight took a turn for the worse – I saw lights and had tunnel vision – then I started to feel sick.  Straight away I knew something wasn’t right so my wife drove me to the walk-in centre where they told me to head straight to Accident and Emergency at Norfolk and Norwich University Hospital.

I was diagnosed with high blood pressure – my reading was 139/86mmHg. I was completely shocked as up until then I had no health issues. I had been going to the well man health clinic, now that I was 50 years old, and up until this point I had no concerns. I run, cycle and eat quite healthily most of the time so really couldn’t believe it.

Living well with high blood pressure 

My first concern was my family as I have a son and a daughter, Luke and Sophie, who are both teenagers, and when you hear the words ‘high blood pressure’ you assume the worst. But the doctor assured me that with simple medication and some lifestyle changes everything would be okay – and it has been.

I now drink only up to my units each week and eat less processed food and have lost about two stone in weight as a result.

My blood pressure is now slightly raised but I’m on medication and I’m regularly monitored by my GP, who was happy with my reading at my last check with him.

You cannot rely on a health check that was done two years ago

Hindsight is a wonderful thing but knowing what I now know I should have had my blood pressure numbers checked again sooner, as you just cannot rely on a health check that was done two years ago.

My GP advised me that blood pressure can change in six months so everyone needs to be aware of this and make sure they get checked twice a year.

Danny Alden, 52, Norwich.


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