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We are an independent charity and our partnerships help us to reach as many people as possible.

We work closely with government organisations such as Public Health England and charities including the British Heart Foundation, The Stroke Association and Heart UK.

We also work with a small selection of companies who share our aim of helping people take control of their lifestyle, their blood pressure and their long-term health. Below are some of the companies we work with.

To discuss the opportunities available, contact us on 020 7882 6255 or at or read more about how you can support our work.



Eating a diet high in salt directly raises blood pressure. We actively encourage people to eat less salt, both on a national level by campaigning for better manufacturing processes, and for individuals by raising awareness and recommending other flavours in cooking instead of salt.

We realise that it can be hard to remove salt from your diet completely. We work with LoSalt because they share our message – remove salt from your diet if you can, but if this is proving too difficult then cut down to less than the 6g a day maximum recommended by the Department of Health.

LoSalt is low in sodium, the part of salt that raises your blood pressure, so you can use it to help lower your daily sodium intake.

You will see the Blood Pressure UK logo on LoSalt tubs and information leaflets to help raise awareness of the importance of reducing sodium and salt as part of a healthy diet.

Visit the LoSalt website for details.




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