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High blood pressure treatments

High blood pressure treatments

High blood pressure treatments: Other medicines

Q. Are there any other medicines I should avoid taking?

A. There are a few medicines that you may need to avoid or be careful about taking if you are also taking blood pressure medicines or have high blood pressure:

Cold and flu remedies: Medicines and tablets that you can buy over the counter from your pharmacy to ease the symptoms of a cold and unblock your nose can contain medicines that raise your blood pressure. If you are taking blood pressure medicines, it is best to avoid them.

NSAIDS (painkillers): If you regularly take non steroidal anti-inflammatory drugs (NSAIDs) to control pain, these can make the medicines for your blood pressure less effective. You should discuss with your doctor, nurse or pharmacist whether you can use alternative painkillers or whether you may need to take more medicines to control your blood pressure.

Oral contraceptives: Some oral contraceptives may cause a rise in blood pressure.
For more, please see Can my contraceptive cause my blood pressure to rise?.

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