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Complementary therapy and high blood pressure

Complementary therapy and high blood pressure

Lifestyle and high blood pressure: Complementary therapies

Q. Are any natural therapies (complementary therapies) I can use to lower blood pressure?

A. One of the most natural ways that you can help to lower your blood pressure for life is to make healthy changes to your lifestyle (as listed in our Making lifestyle changes page). Some people are also interested in finding natural or herbal remedies which they can use to lower their blood pressure instead of medicines.

Although it is tempting to try to use foods or supplements to control your blood pressure and avoid needing to take conventional medicines, it is not advisable. At the moment, there are no supplements, herbs, nutrients or specialist foods that have been shown in valid scientific trials to lower blood pressure effectively in the long term. Even the latest blood pressure lowering drinks say that they are not a replacement for blood pressure medicines and advise that people carry on with their prescribed medicines.

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