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Discovering High Blood Pressure

Q. When my blood pressure levels are under control, does that mean that I'm okay?

A. Once your blood pressure has come down and is well controlled, you can think of yourself as completely well. But you can't then just ignore it and go back to your old ways: keeping your blood pressure under control is a lifelong commitment.

If you stop taking your medicines or don't keep up with your lifestyle changes, your blood pressure will slowly rise back to the level where it was before or even higher. By lowering your blood pressure effectively (and keeping it lowered) you can prevent any more damage to your arteries and heart and you may even reverse some of the damage that your raised blood pressure caused before it was discovered.

One way to think of blood pressure treatments and lifestyle changes is that they act as your insurance policy for your future health. If you stop taking your medicines or keeping up your healthy lifestyle then your insurance policy will lapse and the risks of future problems will increase.

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