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Discovering high blood pressure (hypertension)

Discovering high blood pressure (hypertension)

Discovering high blood pressure (hypertension)

Q. What can a high blood pressure (hypertension) specialist do for me?

A. There is a small number of high blood pressure specialists in the UK. They tend to see people who:

  • may have an underlying cause for their condition
  • have difficulty finding the right medicines
  • have trouble getting their blood pressure down.

They may also see pregnant women with high blood pressure.

High blood pressure specialists can use more detailed tests to find out whether or not there is a specific cause for your high blood pressure and have an expert knowledge of all of the medicines for high blood pressure, including those that are used less often. Your GP can refer you to a specialist through the NHS or privately.

Apart from high blood pressure specialists (known as hypertension specialists), there are other kinds of specialists who deal with different health problems that can cause high blood pressure. For example, specialists who deal with kidney problems. You may see one of these specialists if it is thought that your high blood pressure could be caused by another problem that can be treated.

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