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High blood pressure, travel and insurance

High blood pressure, travel and insurance

Daily Life with high blood pressure: Living life to the full

Q. I love to travel, is there anything I need to bear in mind because I have high blood pressure?

A. Having high blood pressure should not stop you from enjoying a globe-trotting lifestyle. All forms of standard travel, including flying, are generally fine if you have high blood pressure and it is well controlled.

However, if your blood pressure is unstable or very high then you should talk to your doctor before you make any travel plans.

It makes good sense to see your doctor before you travel and have your blood pressure checked, even if it is well controlled.

For more on knowing if your blood pressure is well controlled or not, please see What blood pressure should I have?

If you are taking blood pressure medicines and you are going to be away from home for more than a few weeks, you need to take some precautions. It is well worth visiting your doctor so that he or she can:

  • give you enough medicines to last the length of your time away plus a little extra, in case you lose any tablets
  • tell you if there are any special precautions you should take and whether you need any extra medication or vaccinations.

For more on insurance for holidays and travel, please see Will my insurance company need to know that I have high blood pressure?.

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