Extreme sports

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High blood pressure: exercise and physical activity

High blood pressure: exercise and physical activity

Daily Life with high blood pressure: Having a good time

Q. Do I have to give up more extreme sports because I have high blood pressure?

A. Having high blood pressure doesn’t mean that life has to be boring. But it may mean that you may have to take a bit more care or take out insurance tailored for people with high blood pressure if you want to take part in certain sports and activities.

Extreme sports can involve speed and changes in atmospheric pressure that could have an effect on your blood pressure level. For this reason the following sports require a medical certificate before you can take them up:

  • skydiving and parachuting
  • motor racing
  • scuba diving.

In the case of scuba diving, you will need to be passed fit to dive by a diving medical specialist. To contact one of these medical referees, please go to the UK Sport Diving Medical Committee website: http://www.uksdmc.co.uk/

If you are in any doubt, please contact the activity’s governing body.

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