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High blood pressure diet

High blood pressure diet

Daily Life with high blood pressure: Having a good time

Q. Can I still enjoy restaurant meals and takeaways even though I have high blood pressure?

A. Unfortunately restaurant meals and takeaways tend to be high in salt and saturated fat and they could undo all your hard work in making lifestyle changes to cut the salt and saturated fats in your diet.

But, while kebabs may be off the menu, there is no reason why you can’t enjoy a good meal at a restaurant. You can ask the chef to use less salt in advance by phoning ahead or requesting less salt when ordering. And, at the restaurant itself, the waiter or waitress should be able to tell you which dishes have the lowest salt.

For more about the unhelpful effects of salt, please see the Making lifestyle changes page.

For more about saturated fats, please see Should I cut out fat? page.

Salt and blood pressure

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