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High blood pressure: work and jobs

High blood pressure: work and jobs

Daily Life with high blood pressure: Work and money

Q. Are there any jobs that having high blood pressure will stop me from doing?

A. Any job or work which causes extreme changes in speed or pressure can potentially be harmful for people with high blood pressure, for example, diving, driving or flying at high speed. This means that jobs such as diver, submariner and airline pilot are likely to be off limits to people with high blood pressure.

The restrictions for driving may also affect your ability to do some driving jobs, such as taxi driver and HGV driver, but this will depend on how well controlled your blood pressure is. For more on driving, please see Can I still drive if I have high blood pressure?

Some of the medicines for high blood pressure can make you feel sleepy and may make you feel lethargic so it is worth bearing this in mind when discussing any treatment with your doctor - especially if your job requires you be to physically active. In general, though, having high blood pressure is not a barrier to most jobs.

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