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How to avoid adding salt at the table

How to avoid adding salt at the table

The dinner table is another danger area for filling up with the white stuff. Apart from the salt shaker on the table, many of its fellow table dwellers contain high levels of salt too.

For example, gravy made from granules or browning is often high in salt, as are tomato ketchup, soy sauce and some mustards.

To best avoid salt, it is worth throwing away the salt shaker and removing its salt-laden friends from the table.

However, if this seems too extreme, why not:

  • buy low-salt or low-sodium versions of your favourite sauces or gravy
  • use a low-sodium salt alternative
  • try using other flavourings such as lemon juice, vinegar, spices or pepper?

For more on finding and buying low-salt versions of foods, please see our Shopping for low-salt foods page.

Common myths about table salt

Many forms of table salt now market themselves as being "natural" or from a healthy-sounding source. Because of this, many people believe that these forms of salt must be better for them and don't count.

Unfortunately salt is salt. So long as it contains sodium (and all forms of table salt do), then it will raise your blood pressure and could damage your body.

Sea salt, rock salt, garlic salt, natural salt are all salt and contain sodium. Avoid them if you can to lower your blood pressure.

The only form of "table salt" that does not contain sodium is the low-sodium alternatives. These contain potassium instead of sodium and may help to lower blood pressure. However, certain people need to be careful when using this form of salt - for more please see our Low-sodium salt alternatives page.

How to eat less salt

Practical ideas: from throwing away the salt shaker to cooking and shopping tips

Cooking with less salt

Ways to cut the white stuff out of your meals

Shopping for low-salt foods

How to find lower-salt versions of your favourite foods

Low-sodium alternatives to salt

If you really can't live without salt, here are the alternatives

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