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Register to run a Pressure Station for Know Your Numbers! Week 2019 (9 - 15 September)

High blood pressure puts you at risk of having a stroke or heart attack.

Knowing Your Numbers is quick, free, painless and could save your life. 

High blood pressure is the single biggest risk factor for stroke and also causes heart disease, heart attacks, kidney disease and dementia. Blood Pressure starts to rise when you are young, and the sooner you can keep it under control, the lower your risk will be as you get older. That's why this year we want to encourage ALL family members to have their blood pressure checked including children.

Research from Know Your Numbers! Week 2018 revealed that 71% of UK adults didn’t know their blood pressure and 28% of people had high blood pressure. This demonstrates the importance of campaigns like Know Your Numbers! in identifying people with undiagnosed high blood pressure and that carrying out blood pressure checks in diverse and more convenient locations can reach more people. Without knowing their numbers, many people are unable to take those vital steps towards a healthier life. We can provide accurate, reliable and supportive materials to help people

  • Understand high blood pressure and its importance
  • Make long-lasting and effective changes to their lifestyle 
  • Get the most from their treatments and keep up with their medicines

Benefits of taking part include:

  • Helping you to reach your professional goals
  • Tackling health inequalities in your area
  • An opportunity to drive people to existing services, such as weight management and smoking cessation
  • Showcases your work through involvement in a publicised national health campaign

The FAQ’s section of our website should provide the answers to any questions you may have, including how to estimate the size of resource pack you may need.

The deadline for registration (for both forms) is: Wednesday 31st July 2019. No registrations will be accepted after this date. 

Participation includes your resource pack, regular e-newsletters, promotions guide, PR benefits and inclusion on our ‘find your nearest’ Pressure Station search. Fees are based on just £17.50 + VAT for enough resources to test 50 people, which works out at just 35p (+ VAT) per person tested.

Please note that we have kept the price of the packs the same for a number of years. Please also note that Know Your Numbers! is a not for profit event, and prices reflects current printing and postage costs.

Register your Pressure Stations now

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