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We can help you attract lots of interest in your Know your Numbers! event and achieve positive publicity for your organisation and our charity.

Blood Pressure UK's Press Office promotes Know your Numbers! Week through national and regional media. Details provided for all public Pressure Stations are included on our website 'Find your nearest' search facility so that members of the public can find their nearest venue.

We provide all participants with a Template News Release and Promotions Guide to help you generate maximum local awareness of your event. We recommend that Pressure Station organisers also pass these on to their organisation's Press/Public Relations Office.

Our top tips include:

  • Make it visible - make sure your Pressure Station is in a prominent location and use the BPA's resource pack materials to create an eye-catching display
  • Standards - please follow our terms and conditions, particularly the guidelines for testing, to ensure your blood pressure testing is conducted professionally
  • Pre-publicity - use the posters provided by the BPA, email alerts, organisation intranets and the template news release to ensure people know about your event
  • Photos - invite the local press to come along and take a photo, and send us your own good quality photos for post-publicity and our evaluation report.

Know your Numbers! Week is a great opportunity for you to promote the good work that you and your organisation are doing as part of this important healthcare event.

We want your efforts to be recognised, but please remember that Pressure Stations are set up as part of Blood Pressure UK's Know your Numbers! event so please make this clear in all your promotion and publicity. We want people with high blood pressure to know that Blood Pressure UK is here to help them. We can only do this if they get to hear about us so please use the materials we provide to highlight our charity to those you test.

For a copy of our Promotions Guide and template news release, or help with publicising your Know your Numbers! event, please email or call 020 7882 6255 

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