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Thousands of nurses, pharmacists, occupational health and fitness professionals offer free blood pressure checks as part of Know your Numbers! Week each September, or run blood pressure events at other times as part of our wider campaign.

To run a Pressure Station (venue offering free bp checks) during Know your Numbers! Week, you need to register by completing our online registration, ensuring that you meet our terms and conditions. Upon successful registration, you will receive a confirmation email and a unique ID number.

You will be sent a Resource Pack containing leaflets, record cards, testing guidelines, posters, balloons, referral letters and survey forms. Pack size depends on the number of people you will test during your event.

Participation costs*, which include Resource Packs and other benefits, are as follows:

50 pack (materials to test up to 50 people)     = £17.50 + vat

100 pack (materials to test up to 100 people) = £30 + vat

200 pack (materials to test up to 200 people) = £45 + vat

400 pack (materials to test up to 400 people) = £75 + vat

600 pack (materials to test up to 600 people) = £105 + vat

800 pack (materials to test up to 800 people) = £135 + vat

Resource Packs are sent to registered participants at least two weeks before the start of Know your Numbers! Week. Downloadable posters are also available earlier if needed.

You will receive regular e-newsletters with tips on how to get the best out of your event, a Promotions Guide and a template news release to help you gain publicity. You will also benefit from the national publicity our press office generates.

We provide monitoring forms for you to record basic blood pressure data, which you return marked with your ID number after your event. This is used to produce regional and national blood pressure data for the Know your Numbers! Evaluation Report, sent to all participants.

To find out how you/your organisation can benefit from taking part and to see highlights of previous testing activities, click on the links below:

*Participants are invoiced after the event. Prices here are based on packs for general registrants. Know your Numbers! is a not for profit event, the slight cost increase is unavoidable due to increased printing and postage costs. Logo licensing and co-branding costs are available on request. 

To discuss the opportunities available, contact Blood Pressure UK on 020 7882 6255 or

N.B. Blood Pressure UK is very proud of Know your Numbers! Week and, as well as raising blood pressure awareness the event is run to raise awareness of our charity. As such, please note that Know your Numbers!® is a registered trademark and all activities must be done in partnership with  Blood Pressure UK.

Occupational Health

Benefits of taking part

Fitness and Leisure

Benefits of taking part

When will my resource pack arrive?

Visit our FAQs pages which will tell you all you need to know about running a Pressure Station during Know your Numbers! Week

Know your Numbers! Week 2020: 7 -13 September

Don't miss your chance to take part in and run a Pressure Station in the UK's biggest blood pressure testing and awareness week in 2020.

Register your interest to take part here

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