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Know your Numbers! is an award-winning campaign that saves local lives. It has many benefits for those working in primary care:

  • Helps you to reach your professional goals
  • Tackles health inequalities by reaching those who don't access GPs
  • Is a great opportunity to drive people to existing services, such as weight management and smoking cessation
  • Reaches the undiagnosed - our research found 39% of those with high readings during the event had neither been told this by their GP nor had a check in the last year
  • Showcases work of Primary Care Trusts (PCTs) through publicity and involvement in a national health campaign.

We offer PCTs opportunities for enhanced involvement by using co-branded resources. To discuss the opportunities available, contact Blood Pressure UK on 020 7882 6255 or

Portsmouth PCT supports Know your Numbers! with billboard and bus stop advertising

Helping to tackle health inequalities in Portsmouth

Portsmouth PCT used Know your Numbers! Week 2008 to launch its 'Sort It Portsmouth' health campaign.

To encourage locals to attend Pressure Stations set up throughout the city, the PCT used a marketing agency which worked with the Blood Pressure Association's Communications Team to produce co-branded leaflets and posters featuring local footballers. The posters appeared on billboards and bus stops, while a radio campaign hit the airways of the South Coast urging people to get their numbers checked.

  • Over 1,500 people had a free check
  • More than 55% were found to have high readings needing further investigation.

The success of the partnership led Portsmouth PCT to be selected as an 'innovative' trust, and showcase its work with the Blood Pressure Association at the Innovation Expo 2009.

Know your Numbers! Week 2018

Find a Pressure Station

From 10th-16th September 2018 we will have hundreds of Pressure Stations across the UK offering free blood pressure checks. 

Find your nearest free blood pressure check 

Find out more about Know Your Numbers!, the nation's biggest blood pressure testing event. 

"Know your Numbers! was the ideal launch pad for the Sort It Portsmouth campaign. Expert information and publicity gave us the chance to reach those who may not have otherwise had the opportunity or inclination to know their numbers"

Paul Edmondson-Jones, Director of Public Health, Portsmouth PCT

Blood pressure focus

* Launch of NHS cardiovascular screening programme for 40-74 year-olds

* Blood pressure is key part of the Quality and Outcome Framework

* 60% of over 65s have high blood pressure and this age group is expected to increase by 5.5m by 2040

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