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During Know your Numbers! Week 2009:

Across the UK, only 22% of people tested had an 'optimal' reading. This means 78% of those tested should be taking positive action to lower their blood pressure.

34% had high blood pressure readings (at least 140/90mmHg) which needed further investigation. 71% did not know their blood pressure numbers.

Even 'average' readings across England, Wales and Northern Ireland fell into the 'high normal' definition (130/85 - 139/89mmHg). This has serious implications for the future health of the population. For example, someone with a BP of 135/85mmHg is twice as likely to have a stroke or develop heart disease as someone with an optimal BP.

Readings for South West England are as follows:

 AreaNo. of readings returned % High reading
% High normal reading
 % Unaware of bp numbers
Mean systolic
Mean diastolic
England 20,799 36 25
 131 80
South West 1,021 32 25
 130 81
Bristol & Avon 82 55 17
 134 83
Cornwall 105 38 24
 134 82
Devon 30 27 30
 131 80
Dorset 146 26 24
 129 80
Gloucestershire 146 19 31
 127 78
Somerset 83 33 17
 127 79
Wiltshire 428 34 27
 131 82

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