KYN 2007

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'Finding the Missing Millions' was the theme for Know your Numbers! Week 2007, which took place from 10-16 September.

In the UK, 16million people have high blood pressure, yet 5.3million of them are unaware they have the condition and are unknowingly putting themselves at risk of stroke, heart attack and other related conditions.

As most people with high blood pressure do not have signs or symptoms the only way to find out is to have a blood pressure check.

The Blood Pressure Association encouraged (and continues to encourage) every adult to take the opportunity to have a free blood pressure check to find the missing millions and reduce their risk.

More than 2,700 Pressure Stations across the UK offered free blood pressure checks and information during KYN Week 2007, and over a quarter of a million adults had their blood pressure checked.

Celebrities including Olympic hurdler Colin Jackson, and TV presenter Saira Khan backed the event.

KYN! Week 2007 Headline Results

253,000 adults had a free bp test

40% had high blood pressure readings

20% 'had no idea' what their reading would be

This was the first bp test in over a year for 41%

78% should be taking action to lower their blood pressure

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