'Taking each day as it comes'

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It was at the start of the year when I was at home one night that all of a sudden I got a blinding headache and felt what can only be described as an intense amount of pressure in my head.

At first I thought it was just a headache but then when the sensation wouldn’t go away my husband drive me to North Manchester General Hospital. Once there the doctors undertook some tests to see if they could figure out what was causing the pain including a kidney biopsy to try and rule out if it was my kidney which was making my blood pressure high or vice versa.

After a few days and numerous more tests they realised I had high blood pressure so my doctor had to decide on a course of action and prescribed me some medication to lower my blood pressure.

When I first heard the diagnosis I was really scared as I knew it meant I was at high risk of stroke or a heart attack as the hospital warned me as my blood pressure was so high I could have one at any time. As a mum of a young boy, my health was so important to me.

Now I am on pills to help with the condition but I am still trying to find the right combination that suits my body and I have used the Blood Pressure UK website to read about what other changes I can make to my lifestyle to help keep my blood pressure normal such as more exercise and eating healthily.

I am taking each day as it comes now but it is scary to think that if this hadn’t have happened I would never had known about the condition and could have continued for years with high blood pressure. It is so important to go for regular blood pressure check ups.

Nicola Rothwell, 33, Wardle, Rochdale

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