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Share your story

Could you become a media case study?

Did you find out about your high blood pressure through Know your Numbers! Week? Perhaps you had an unusual diagnosis, or you have made interesting lifestyle choices to bring your blood pressure down? 

Whatever your story is, we'd like to hear from you, as one of the best ways to raise awareness of high blood pressure is through real life stories in newspapers and magazines, or on radio or TV.

In addition we would also like to recruit more 18-35s year olds and those within our key target groups which are: African-Caribbean; south Asian; and the over 55s.

Please fill in your details in the form below and click send.

We will then contact you to let you know more about what being a media case study involves, and answer any of your questions. We will not give out any of your details without your consent.

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Sue Jackson, Blood Pressure UK media case study since 2003:

"People sharing their story in a magazine, or paper, or on the TV can make you realise you aren't alone. I've done all sorts of media work for Blood Pressure UK and it's been a lot of fun - Prima, Best and Good Housekeeping.

"One of the most memorable is GMTV. This really was quite an experience - to be shaking Ben Sheppard's hand and sitting on the sofa next to Dr Hilary Jones."

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