I lost my husband

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Kathryn knows the importance of having a blood pressure check more than most - she tragically lost her husband Glen to a high blood pressure related disease.

Glen was just 39 when he died suddenly, and Kathryn later discovered his death was due to hypertensive heart disease. She now supports the BPA's Know your Numbers! campaign and raises funds for the BPA in memory of her husband.

Kathryn, 33, said: "I just feel it's so important to raise awareness about high blood pressure. We didn't know Glen was so ill because he had no symptoms. People don't realise how important it is to have your blood pressure checked regularly - but as my husband's case has shown, none of us should take anything for granted.

"I would encourage everyone to go and get a free, painless blood pressure check at a Pressure Station during the BPA's Know your Numbers! Week.

"I don't want Glen's death to be in vain. If by raising awareness it saves someone else's life because they get checked out, then it's a worthwhile cause for me."

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