'Completely changed my life'

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I was 39 when I had my stroke on 15th December 2014 and with it being so close to Christmas, and having two young children it was obviously a very difficult time for my family. My stroke was caused by high blood pressure and prior to this I never really got it checked. I was overweight and didn't exercise, worked away with work a lot and generally never looked after myself. I spent a week in hospital and then a further 6 months off work recovering and the whole incident has completely changed my life. I'm now exercising everyday either in the gym or swimming and running 10k races. I've lost lots of weight and now my blood pressure is controlled. I appreciate how lucky I've been, as I've made a full recovery but I know it could have been a lot worse. On the day it happened I was at work, which was only 2 minutes from the local hospital, so I was treated very quickly. I was also put on a trial drug (T2).

In a strange way having a stroke really changed my life for the better, I'm fitter and healthier than I have been for 20 years!

I advocate people having their blood pressure checked and regularly bring my monitor into work. 

Jon Bowler, 41, from Lancashire

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