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Blood pressure and the African Caribbean community

Blood pressure and the African Caribbean community

Why high blood pressure is important

If you are of African or Caribbean descent then you are at a greater risk of developing high blood pressure and of the strokes and heart attacks that it can cause.  Because of this increased risk it is important to look at factors such as diet and exercise early.  Making changes to your lifestyle can have a real impact on your blood pressure and could stop or delay the need for medication.

Lowering your blood pressure is important for many health reasons.  As well as reducing your risk of stoke and heart attack, it can also reduce your risk of diabetes, kidney disease and even dementia.

If you already have high blood pressure in the family then it is even more important that you act to lower your blood pressure.  Remember, your blood pressure does not have to control you.  You can control your blood pressure.

How to take control

Want to reduce your risk of stroke and heart attack? Lower your blood pressure for life

How to take control

Get it checked

High blood pressure is "the silent killer". The only way to know if you have it is to be checked

Get checked

Healthy eating

Eating a healthy diet is a good way to keep blood pressure down

Healthy eating

Get active

You can reduce your risk of health problems by being more active in your everyday life

Get active

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