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Clinical guidelines recommended by the National Institute of Health and Clinical Excellence, known as NICE, are the main reference for the treatment of high blood pressure by GPs and practice nurses in England and Wales.

The current guideline on hypertension, published in 2006, covers:

  • how GPs decide if someone has high blood pressure
  • how GPs work out someone's risk of developing problems such as heart attack or stroke
  • how lifestyle factors such as smoking, diet and exercise can affect blood pressure
  • how medicines should be used to lower blood pressure
  • how high blood pressure should be monitored.

Review of NICE guideline: 2010-2011

The NICE guidline for hypertension is being reviewed and updated from Feb 2010-August 2011. An ‘update’ looks at all or part of a published guideline, considers any new medical research, and makes recommendations to supplement or replace the previous guideline.

The new guideline is being updated by the Patient and Public Involvement Programme (PPIP) and the National Clinical Guidelines Centre. To help them, they have formed The Hypertension (Part) Update Guideline Development Group, made up of health professionals and members of the public.

The Blood Pressure Association is a stakeholder and will represent the views of people with high blood pressure as part of the consultation process.

Click here to see the latest documents and progress of the review on the NICE website, including the Blood Pressure Association's comments on the scoping document.

Provisional schedule for guideline update:

Scoping workshop:

17 February 2010
Consultation on draft scope with stakeholders:11 March – 12 April 2010
Consultation on draft guideline with stakeholders:22 February – 22 March 2011
Pre-publication check:

07 June 2011

Publication date:   August 2011

Current review

The NICE guidelines on hypertension are being updated. Blood Pressure UK are stakeholders in the consultation process. The updated guideline will be published in August 2011.

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