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This section contains information for current members of Blood Pressure UK.


Newly Diagnosed?

If you've just found out that you have high blood pressure, have a look at:

Blood Pressure: The Basics 

Positive Pressure

Positive Pressure is Blood Pressure UK's member magazine.  Published twice a year, all members are sent the current issues when it is printed.  

Have you received the latest issue? If not, please contact us.  

Also, look at our new archive of back issues.

ePositive Pressure

ePositive Pressure is Blood Pressure UK's members email newsletter.  Are you signed up to receive it?

If not, you can please email, who will add you to the mailing list.

FoodSwitch - A Smartphone App

FoodSwitch is a free smartphone app developed by Consensus Action on Salt & Health (CASH), which enables you to quickly and easily make healthy food choices in shops.  

It works by allowing you to scan the barcodes of food products with FoodSwitch giving you information on the product and offering healthier options.  

FoodSwitch is free. 

Free Publications

Please email or telephone (020) 7882 6255 if you would like to receive any of the publications detailed below.  Alternatively, please download and return the order form. 

Pressure Point Booklets. A series of five booklets on a range of blood pressure issues.

The booklets are Introducing High Blood Pressure, Healthy Eating and Blood Pressure, Healthy Lifestyle and Blood Pressure, Getting the Most from Blood Pressure Medicines and Measuring Your Blood Pressure at Home.

Medicines Fact sheets. A series of fact sheets looking at the main blood pressure medications. See also Types of Medicine.

The fact sheets cover ACE Inhibitors, Angiotensin Receptor Blockers (ARBs), Beta Blockers, Calcium Channel Blockers, Combination Medicines, Diuretics, Non-Standard Medicines, Side-Effects of Medicines. 

Membership Renewal

You can renew your membership in several ways:

Renew online: Please fill in your details using our webshop order form. (We will apply the payment to your current subscription, so do not worry that the form says ‘join’ rather than ‘renew’.)

Renew by phone: Please call (020) 7882 6255 to renew by credit or debit card.

Renew by post: Please send payments to:

Freepost Plus RTCS-AATG-ACSU
Blood Pressure UK
Wolfson Institute
Charterhouse Square

Please make cheques payable to 'Blood Pressure UK' and if paying by credit or debit card, quote the cardnumber, expiry date, start date (if any), CSV security number, cardholders' name and the billing address. 

Renew from your online bank account: You can also renew from your own online bank account.  Please direct payment to account number: 01152878, sort code: 30 96 07 and quote your name and membership number (if known) as a reference.

Any Questions?  If you have any queries about your membership, please call us on 020 7882 6255 or email:

Thank you for your continued support!

Please Donate

Blood Pressure UK is entirely dependent on it's members and friends to continue it's important work. To help us, please donate online today:

Donate Online

Members' Feedback Form

Please email to give us any feedback (good or bad!) about membership.  

You can also contact us to update your address or to renew your membership.

Donate by Text Now!

We rely on donations to continue with our lifesaving work. Donate to us today by text message:  

All you have to do is text the word "NUMBERS" to 70003.

The donation level is set at £3 plus one standard rate text message.  Please ask the bill payers permission.

The Charity Awards 2008 Winner

The Charity Awards 2008 Winner

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